WIFTI Mission Statement

Women In Film & Television International (WIFTI) is a global network comprised of nearly 40 Women in Film chapters worldwide with more than 10,000 members, dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media.

WIFTI Objectives

  • Enhance the international visibility of women in the entertainment industry;
  • Facilitate and encourage communication and cooperation internationally;
  • Develop bold international projects and initiatives
  • Stimulate professional development and global networking opportunities for women
  • Promote and support chapter development
  • Celebrate the achievements of women in all areas of the industry
  • Encourage diverse and positive representation of women in screen-based media worldwide.

WIFTI Membership

Our membership includes dynamic professionals who represent every aspect of the industry: from producers and directors to accountants and lawyers, from camera and sound technicians to actors and animators. Our contributors also include individuals, corporations and other organizations interested in supporting and promoting the creativity and skills that women bring to the film, television, and video industry.

What WIFTI Offers Member Chapters

  • Biennial International Conferences are a unique opportunity for members from all over the globe to network, share ideas on chapter development and co-production options
  • International Online Membership Director
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • WIFTI Web site
  • WIFTI networking receptions at international film festivals (Berlin, Cannes, MIPCOM, Sundance)
  • The Visiting Members Program is for members planning to work in another state or country. These Women in Film members are eligible to attend that chapter’s activities for a three month period.

WIFV-DC has been a leading contributor in the WIFTI network with WIFV members acting as WIFTI Board chairs, members, and committee heads.

Here is a sampling of some of the events & programs provided through WIFTI:

The Women in Film and Television International World Summit

WIFTI Short Film Showcase

The Women’s Film Preservation Fund

WIFTI continues to be a voice for women in the media industry worldwide. And with your participation, we’ll grow stronger together.

* WIFTI does not offer individual memberships. Individuals interested in joining a WIFTI chapter should contact directly the local organization nearest to them for an application. Please click here for a listing of local chapters and their contact information.

wifti showcase

In honor of International Womens’ Day on March 8 and Women’s History Month, Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI) chapters hold screenings of award-winning short films produced and directed by women.

Previous Showcases

The 2014 WIFTI Shorts Showcase featured the following films:

Second Time Around – Director: Denene Deverman Crabbs (WIFV, DC);
Farming for the Future – Director/Producer: Aditi Desai (WIFV, DC);
A Senior Moment – Director: Michelle Davidson/Producer: Linda Wiedmaier (Kansas City Women in Film and TV);
Talus & Scree – Director/Writer: Ruth Lawrence/Producer: Krysta Rudofsky (Women in Film & TV Atlantic Provinces);
The Weather Girl -Director/Writer: Carleen Kyle/Producer: Nathalie de los Santos (Women in Film Vancouver);
The Campaigner– Director/Writer/Producer: Rebecca Brand  (Women in Film and TV United Kingdom);
Cielo Lindo – Writer/Director/Editor: Iris Lopez/Producer: Margie Ramirez (Women in Film Dallas);
In Safe Hands – Writer/Director: Jackie van Beek/DP: Ari Wegner (Women in Film and TVNZ, New Zealand);
4 Bhanrion (4 Queens) – Director: Victoria Colona/Producer: Cahtleen Dore (Women in Film & TV Ireland).


The 2013 WIFTI Shorts Showcase featured the following films:

OMG, Siobhan Devine/Director, Roslyn Muir/Writer – Vancouver;
Olivia’s Birds and the Oil Spill
, Lynne Cherry/Producer, Director – Washington DC;
Lady Crush, Hanna Skold/Director/Writer, Helene Granqvist/Producer – Sweden;
First Kiss, Yulin Kuang/Director/Writer/Producer – Pittsburgh;
Smart Is What You Get, Jennifer Wollan/Director/Writer – New York;
Raspberry Jam, Courtney Ware/Director, Meredith Burke/Producer – Dallas;
Reindeer, Eva Weber/Director – United Kingdom;
The Brazilian, Lindsy Campbell/Director/Writer – New Mexico;
Dangerous Ride, Linda Niccol/Director/Writer, Glenis Giles/Producer – New Zealand.

The 2012 WIFTI Short Showcase featured the following films:

Real Men Go Hunting (15 mins), Ryan Lynch, Director (Bay Area, CA);
Menisus (8 mins), Maria-Elena Doyle, Director/Producer (New Zealand);
Sack Lunch (6 mins), Jacqueline Gault, Director/Writer/Producer (Portland, OR);
Green Bangles (15 mins), Archana Shinde, Director/Writer/Producer (India);
Red Flag (11 mins), Sheila Curran Dennin, Director/Writer (Washington, DC);
AWOL (12 mins), Deb Shoval, Director/Writer (Los Angeles, CA);
Flush (11 mins), Megan Wennberg, Director/Writer (Atlantic Provinces, Canada);
Dance of the Little Old Men (5 mins), Kulchera Matson, Director/Writer (Vancouver, Canada);
The Cake (9 mins), Ester Richardson, Director/Writer (United Kingdom);
The Lobster (3 mins), Jocelyn Jansons, Director/Writer/Producer, (New Mexico).

Thank you to the following for making the 2012 WIFTI Shorts Showcase possible:

Media Central for sponsoring the WIFTI trailer; HDNM Entertainment for creating the WIFTI trailer; Lightningwood Pictures for compiling the Short Film Showcase; Legacy Filmworks for providing FedEx delivery; and Film New Zealand.


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