Image Makers Logo_FINALThe IMAGE MAKERS PROGRAM takes a diverse group of high school students and allows them to explore careers in film and television by pairing them with WIFV professionals. They gain hands-on production experience while producing public service announcements for local charitable organizations. It helps foster the next generation of filmmakers while helping the local community. The program is taught over the course of 10 Saturdays and concludes with a screening of the completed public service announcements.  You can see some of their work here!




kwfflogo (3)The KIDS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL has two parts. The first part includes an intensive Media Literacy Training Program that introduces fifth and sixth grade students to the concept of watching films and media with a critical mind. WIFV recognizes that children are being inundated with media images every day but have never been taught how to deal with those images in a critical way. WIFV sends volunteers into the schools to teach children how to be a “Junior Film & Television Critic” so they can discern the true nature of what they are watching.

The second part of the event allows the students to use their new skills at an international film festival. WIFV shows films that allow students to see the wonders of international films and the power of filmmaking to create social change. The students are able to view several short films and interact with the international directors.

The program promotes cultural understanding, conflict resolution, compassion, tolerance and peace. WIFV reviews approximately 100 films from around the globe and selects those that best reflect the human condition through the eyes of children. The films are presented either in English, a foreign language with subtitles or with no words at all.