WIFV Top 12 FAQs

1. Why should I join WIFV?

As a WIFV member, you will make new connections, have access to more resources and join a network of advocates for a stronger media industry in this region.

2. How do I apply? There are five ways to join WIFV:

  • You can apply online.
  • You can join at an event. The new member processing fee will be waived and you will receive the member entrance rate for that event
  • You can download the membership application and either scan or mail it to the WIFV office.
  • You can stop by the WIFV office and fill out an application.
  • You can call the WIFV office at 202-429-9438 and have the staff mail you a copy of the membership form.

3. Does it matter what time of the year I join?

It does not matter when you join WIFV. Your new membership term will run for 12 months from the date you join. WIFV will notify you 30 days in advance of your membership renewal date.

4. Can men join WIFV?

Yes, men are welcome to join WIFV. In fact, our current membership is nearly 20% men.

5. Are there different levels of membership?

There are five levels of membership: Professional, Executive, Corporate, Student and a Dual Membership with many WIFTI Chapters, available only to Executive Members.

6. Are there any membership requirements?

Yes, there are requirements for each of our member levels. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Professional You must be interested in or working in the media industry (including television, film, video, other screen-based media or live event) or a related industry (entertainment law, publicity, public relations, etc.).
  • Executive The Executive Level requires 10 years experience in the media industry.
  • Corporate  For businesses working in the media industry or in a supporting industry.  You can have up to two representative for your company at this level.  
  • Student The member must be currently enrolled in a full-time program to join, or within 12 months of their graduation date. Copy of student identification is required.
  • Dual  Membership at WIFT-US or WIFTI Organizations is required.  Some partner organizations make this option available to WIFV Executive Members only.

7. What is the annual cost of joining WIFV*?

  • Professional membership dues are $135.
  • Executive membership dues are $220.
  • Corporate membership dues begin at $350.
  • Student membership dues are $60.
  • Dual membership at select WIFTI Organizations is $75.

    *There is a one-time $10 processing fee for new members.

8. Is there reciprocity with other WIF Organizations?

As a member of WIFV, you are automatically a connected with Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI) and WIFT-US, which is your link to other organizations. WIFTI asks all affiliated organizations to welcome a member from another organization for up to three months of reciprocal benefits. If there is a charge for a program, you qualify for the member rate.

9. How do I connect with other WIFTI organizations?

Visit www.wifti,net for links to the other WIFTI organizations worldwide.

10. How can I connect with other WIFV members?

The best way to reach out to other WIFV members is through our Member-only listserv. The listserv puts the expertise of 1,000 media professional at your fingertips. Members use the listserv to post jobs, gain on the spot technical advice, learn about training opportunities, screenings and grants, and keep up on industry happenings.  The listserv guidelines are here..

11. How can I reach a Board Member or staff?

The WIFV office may be reached by calling 202-429-9438 (WIFV).  You can email Melissa Houghton, WIFV Executive Director at director@wifv.org

12. What is the best way to get involved with WIFV?

Join a committee or volunteer to develop a program. WIFV hosts nearly 70 programs each year so there are plenty of opportunities to roll up your sleeves and help out. Roundtables allow you to meet with members who share your interests and are a great way for you to begin networking.