“I’ve seen the results of this organization in the way I see the DC film community run. This organization actually creates a sense of community and brings us together, and it gives me a generally positive feeling for other film professionals in the area.”

“Women in Film and Video is a fantastic group for those with careers in broadcast, TV, film, A/V enterprises and general media.”

“This listerv rocks!”

“Group members are eager and willing to help you find the answers to your questions, and events are useful and interesting.”

“The WIFV staff is dedicated, caring and magical.”

“I am glad to gain from the expertise of others who have been in the field longer than I have, and I am glad to help any who are just graduating from college.”

“My career began with an internship I found through WIFV.”

“Tonight’s Wednesday One was a godsend. I have a new elevator pitch and three new connections.”

“We were having a problem with image files in our edit at 9:00PM. I posted to the listserv and had 10 responses with an hour. Problem solved!”

“Kudos to the organizers of the Women in Vision Awards. Beautifully executed event. Delicious food. Impressive, talented people everywhere.”

“I needed an ancient 3/4 inch umatic tape deck and fount it right away through the WIFV listserv.”

“I have made great contacts that have provided me with great possibilities, and met wonderful people who are doing what I am, or already working in their field.”

“I was a volunteer & networked with other professionals to build a business network.”

“There is an old saying that you get what you give, and that explains WIFV.  I’ve volunteered since my membership started in 2001. I’ve gained friends, mentors and confidence.”

“I’ve started my own business and am about to embark on a historic journey that has been documented recently in the Washington Post. THAT is a direct result of my membership in WIFV.”


WIFV thanks GreatNonProfits.org for gathering some of the above testimonials from members and sponsors