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POST COMEDY, a recipient of a DC-Camera/WIFV Camera Grant for films with social relevance, has wrapped post-production and has a fresh-off-the-presses teaser that you can watch!

The story follows a stand-up comic (played by WIFV member and real life comedian, Jax Baires) whose set is interrupted by the one thing she never talks about… her past trauma. POST COMEDY was directed, produced, and co-written by Via Bia, and produced and co-written by Jax Baires. Other amazing WIFV collaborators include: Robin Noonan-Price, Alison Bauer, Meghan Brown, Michelle Bowen-Ziecheck, Anne Saul, Marcey Lynn Frutchey, and Serena Lee. Thank you, DC-Camera and WIFV community!

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