I’ve seen the results of this organization in the way I see the DC film community run. This organization actually creates a sense of community and brings us together, and it gives me a generally positive feeling for other film professionals in the area.

This organization clearly has its exempt purpose and mission upfront in everything it does. Outstanding programs, outstanding leadership, publications, encouragement, provision of resources, a fiscal sponsorship opportunity, … and more, … all add up to an organization that is clearly best in class.

Kurt Klaus, Esq.

The listserv is the best kept secret in town–it can get you anything from a part in a commercial to a part in TV programming, from technical jobs to director jobs, from help with documentaries to help with drama, from friendships to professional help. It is a major part of my “inbox” and something I rely on!

Susan Fertig-Dykes

Despite a global pandemic, this group of enthusiastic, dedicated and inspiring media makers continues to come together to discuss industry trends, how to continue making media in a pandemic environment, and how to continue to fulfill the mission of the organization. As Past President 2015-2017 and a 3-term board member, this organization has fueled my professional and personal growth and created lasting friendships with other filmmakers coast-to-coast.

If you need a place to connect, grow and learn more about making media – this is the group to join.

Rebecca Bustamante

Women in Film and Video has been a godsend for me! I joined as a step towards reinventing myself, following my heart after an unfulfilling ‘career’. This is quite simply the best investment of time, energy and resources that I have ever made!

Celia de la Vega

WIFV is by far the most valuable organisation in which I have had the honour of membership. This is the only group of people around who go so very far beyond simply meeting periodically and voicing support. Each person completely supports each other, creatively, spiritually, materially… had I been fortunate enough to have had WIFV in my life to begin with, I’d have followed my dreams from day one. They give me confidence, encouragement, strength, and hope for the future of the arts.


My career began with an internship I found through WIFV.

Tonight’s Wednesday One was a godsend. I have a new elevator pitch and three new connections.

We were having a problem with image files in our edit at 9:00PM. I posted to the listserv and had 10 responses with an hour. Problem solved!

Most aspects of film and video production are highly male-dominated. WIFV-DC provides a forum to support women while also inclusively being open to men. It is also one of the few active area organizations serving the film and video community, providing networking, information and support for the industry.

Jacqueline Greff

I needed an ancient 3/4 inch umatic tape deck and found it right away through the WIFV listserv.

As a long-time journalist, I had always appreciated the support and networking that Women in Film & Video of Washington, DC provided. Then I undertook the making of my first documentary film – I had so many questions! How grateful I am to the WIFV leadership and the members who supported me on my journey, from mentoring to fiscal sponsorship. I am proud to be a member of this organization and will continue to support their mission for years to come.

Julianne Donofrio

I was a volunteer & networked with other professionals to build a business network.

An exceptional group! The programs are timely and relevant, the networking exceptional, frequent notifications of opportunities and news items, reasonable fees and useful member benefits! Women in Film & Video is an essential resource!


I’ve started my own business and am about to embark on a historic journey that has been documented recently in The Washington Post. THAT is a direct result of my membership in WIFV.

There is simply no better organization in the DC area for those in the film and video industry to meet peers, expand their skill sets, learn about job opportunities and be provided the potential to thrive in their chosen careers through the support of this organization and its members.

Sharon Sobel

I have attended workshops on editing, script writing, fund raising and so much more through the tremendous platform of WIFV. My professional story is built around educational media, and I like to think my work is more purposeful – better to serve kids – because WIFV keeps me current on how media is made and distributed. Thank you, WIFV!


We’ve been members for a long time. WIFV does a great job convening professionals and beginners alike for knowledge sharing, networking, and fun. Kudos!

Dorst Mediaworks

WIFV is 100% membership oriented, thoughtfully orchestrated events targeted towards the needs of its disparate members.

This isn’t an easy task since members range from aspiring filmmakers and actors to those who are quite accomplished in the same fields, plus those working in commercial and government media.

Hats off to WIFV’s dedicated staff and board.

Probably the best value non-profit I have come in contact with. It helps people connect with other professionals, gives filmmakers a first test-audience with film pros, a safe space to vent ideas and talk about projects, exchange war stories etc. Management of WIFV is unbelievably diligent and responsive and always a great source of information on latest industry developments and best practices. WIFV is the school after film school.

Araceli de Leon

An organization that connects women in film and video and does much more. Membership is, and has always been, gender and age inclusive with programs that support members like me, from getting a foot in the door to keeping skills up to date and volunteering to help next generations.

Judith Snyderman

I have received more job announcements and support through WiFV than the actual WiF community from state I reside in. Sincerely! I reside in the southwest and of the three surrounding states I registered with, I receive daily notifications for film submissions, grants, job announcements and advanced screening options for WiFV than any of my other subscriptions combined.

You ladies do an exceptional job at keeping independent filmmakers like myself hopeful.

WIFV is a great resource for actors. In addition to announcements of training and auditions, they announce works of their members so that others can support those members.


Thank you for yesterday’s PA workshop. I found it invaluable! In 90 minutes I learned what I expected would take me a lot of trial and error to find out. The workshop also covered so many of my concerns around issues of age, physical ability, pay, hours and various departments that use PAs. I found the workshop incredibly informative and encouraging.

Fredericka Sands