WIFV Mentorship Program

Women in Film & Video DCWIFV Mentorship Program

The WIFV Mentorship Program (WMP) was created to forge meaningful relationships which educate and inspire media-makers, promoting passion for their craft. The purpose of the program is to foster skills, confidence and focus within the industry as well as provide a gratifying path to the transfer of knowledge and life-long learning. Participants are provided a curriculum paralleling the 12 months of the year as well as growth cycles within a creative’s career.

The curriculum consists of information and resources—including videos, articles, and templates—intended to educate and encourage conversation. Prompts are provided each month to engage the mentee and mentor. The curriculum includes a mentorship agreement form, as well as a six- and 12-month evaluation form. Topics covered include:

  1. How to have a thriving mentoring relationship
  2. Understanding industry roles and jargon
  3. Goal setting and plan making
  4. The importance of focus
  5. Thinking like an entrepreneur
  6. Grant writing
  7. Attracting development partners for your documentary
  8. Leadership skills
  9. Managing the ups and downs of work
  10. First feature film challenges
  11. Scriptwriting for fiction and non-fiction
  12. Pitching videos
  13. Marketing yourself as a filmmaker
  14. Business negotiation
  15. Networking tactics
  16. Managing finances as a freelancer
  17. Taxes as a freelancer
  18. Work-life balance and self-care
  19. Insurance considerations for freelancers
  20. Setting healthy boundaries
  21. Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  22. Ethics in the workplace and addressing unethical behavior
  23. Documentary film ethics
  24. Business etiquette
  25. Time management


“Thank you for structuring the program in such a way that encourages the regular checkpoints with an agenda and plan to be focused.”  Annette King

“I couldn’t have been matched with a better mentor. I have drawn a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement from her, especially regarding never being too old to achieve your goals. And if anything, you only get better with age.” Amber Meadows 

Anonymous Feedback:

“Terrific opportunity to connect with, share and support other filmmakers in the WIFV community. The WIFV mentoring program has been a wonderful experience.”

“I am getting input on industry standards and recommendations on how to approach certain pre-production or production challenges and tasks. Also, my mentor helps validate my approach and provides guidance, advice, and introductions. The mentorship program is an excellent benefit to WIFV. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship.”

“It is an honor to be able to work with a mentee and share inspiration or expertise that will empower her. Thank you for the opportunity to give back.”

“WIFV has done an excellent job administering the program from my perspective. There has been clear communication and excellent follow-through to ensure a positive experience for all.”


The number of mentor-mentee pairings depends upon the number and compatibility of applicants. The program cannot guarantee that all applicants will be paired. The WMP Committee is committed to the best fit possible between mentee and mentor. Participants are given the opportunity to meet their mentor/mentee and determine whether they would like to proceed as paired.

The WIFV Mentorship Committee is excited to announce the third year of the WIFV Mentorship Program. The Committee is soliciting interest on behalf of potential mentors. We would like to encourage any individual to apply who feels driven to share their experience and industry knowledge in a manner which supports the growth of fellow media-makers. Building off the success and lessons learned over the last two years, the WMP Committee is excited to connect passionate creatives and to help develop meaningful relationships. Please indicate your interest in mentoring by January 15th: https://forms.gle/4Li53nYGpF31QquE7