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ScriptDC is the premier conference for filmmakers based in the Mid-Atlantic including writers, directors, producers, editors, and talent to connect with accomplished teachers, consultants, and industry leaders.

We are so eager to bring filmmaking resources to this community that we aren’t waiting for the return to “normal.” And really, how good was “normal” for you anyway? ScriptDC has always been about bringing information, resources, and connections that you can use to tell your stories.  So, we’re deconstructing the weekend event into a series of 25+ workshops that will be presented from August 2020 through February 2021. Each month will have a a theme and the workshops – set aside those Tuesday evenings now – will feature subject-matter experts who are interested in nurturing your talent. More info and presenter bios on registration pages.  Webinars are $15 for WIFV Members / $30 for Public

Presentations by Dave Trottier, Final Draft Staff, Rosanne Welch PhD, Pilar Alessandra, Dara Marks PhD, Marilyn Atlas, Laurie Scheer, SeriesFest Writers, Ellen Sandler, Ligiah Villalobos, Paul Reuhl, Karyn Folan, Deborah Riley Draper, Nina Gilden Seavey, Peter Hamilton, Mike Garrity, Yi Chen, Marga Varea, Charlie Crocker, Kate Pearson, Ann Zamudio, Catherine Hand, Joanne Butcher, Catherine Hardwicke, Luke Barnett, Megan Holley, Harold Jackson III, Leslie Combermale, Ann Hornaday, Ari Pinchot, Dan Solomon, HaJ, Maureen Ryan, Annika Young, Kyle David Crosby, Michelle Remson, Claudia Myers, Julie Lynn, Michelle Mower, Steve David-Craig, Amy Oden, Michelle Alexandra, Mike Kravinsky, and DeShauna Spencer will be featured!

These are online events. You will be sent the login link with your registration confirmation email.


The 2019 conference was October 11-13, 2019 at American University.

Sessions and Speakers* included:

Story Structure Inside the Writers Room workshops with Ligiah Villalobos;

Directing from Doc to Feature Film (Sat all day) with Joan Darling;

Crowdfunding (Sat am) with Emily Best;

Practice your Pitch (Sun am) with Laurie Scheer;

Equity Financing for Your Film (Sat pm) with Jamie Coughlin, Dusty Gwinn, Esq., Kurt Klaus, Esq., Lance Kramer;

> Editor as Storyteller (Sat am) with Emma E. Hickox, ACE;

Directing and Producing Horror Films (Sat am) with Eduardo Sanchez and Jane Fleming;

Understanding Horror Tropes (Sat pm) with May Santiago;

Directing the Romantic Comedy (Sat pm) with Anne Fletcher;

Editing Archival-based Films (Sat pm) with Barbara Ballow, Susan Hormuth, Aviva Kempner;

Script Critiques (Sun am);

Pitches (Sun pm)– Skype slots with LA-based development executives; limited slots available;

> Writers – How to Find Representation (Sun pm) with Monica Lee Bellais;

> Are You Ready for Media? (Sun pm) with Sandra Lea Abrams;

> BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve software demonstration (Sun pm) with Lily Kleinman and Kaitlyn Cortes;

One-on-one Script Reviews – All slots taken.

Read their bios here.



Here’s what I know about ScriptDC: I won’t miss it ever again!  ScriptDC is on my list of development opportunities permanently.”  Jen Whiting

I figured out how to sell my screenplay.  A great learning experience!!!” Brian Streaty

I am always amazed at how you gather such high-quality presenters and create such a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone from beginners to the very experienced.”  Shoshana Rosenbaum

I had such a fun time this weekend being a panelist.  Thank you for organizing a great event and including me on the panels.  It was like being on American Idol for screenplay writers.”  Jonathan Stein

Thank you for putting on such a wonderfully helpful conference…Hearing Joan Darling comment on my screenplay is one of the highlights of my life.  Thank you for making that possible.”  Renee Tynan

You make a big difference in many people’s lives, I just wanted you to know that we thank you and appreciate you.  Again, I can’t thank you enough.”  Maureen Sasscer



ScriptDC 2017 was featured on Fox 5 with the fabulous Gwen Tolbart. Check out the coverage here


ScriptDC is supported in part by the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & EntertainmentInterface Media Group, The Maryland Film Office, The Virginia Film Office, and the Gem Star Foundation.