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A Brief Film Commentary on WEINER

by Flo Dwek

A lot of junk has been written about him, and his name has been the butt of one too many lewd jokes.


It’s hard to believe there’s anything left to expose about the man.


But here comes WEINER–a documentary that breathes new life into an old story with a lot to say about the disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, his political career, his marriage, his wife, their life, and the deep hole he dug for all of it.


The film drills deep–and then deeper still–following Weiner and his wife Huma around New York City until we see what it really means to be proud, power-driven, out of control and in denial. All at the same time.


WEINER comes across as an intense reality show that affords a rare glimpse into the machinations of falsehoods and pretenses that keep everyone propped up, masks affixed, in front of peering, leering cameras.


Kudos to co-directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, for making a beautifully crafted film that captures politics at its worst and public scandal at its loathsome best.


It is fast paced, hip and relentless in pursuing both personal and public truths in the midst of ongoing crises.


But most of all, this is a film about heartbreak and the lonely rhythms of flying solo.


Go see WEINER and be enthralled.


Photo Credit: Flo Dwek

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