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A Woman in Film Highlights Women in Science

by Marilyn Weiner via Indiewire

Years ago, when my husband, Hal, and I first arrived as young filmmaking partners in Washington, D.C., the first person I met was the wife of a fellow filmmaker. After talking to her briefly, it became clear that instead of recognizing me as the producer I was, she had automatically assumed that I was only my husband’s bookkeeper. (She would have thought the better of that notion had she seen my questionable bookkeeping skills.)

I was surprised by her presumption that I had to be “the woman behind the man” and by her inability to imagine something greater. After all, I hadn’t experienced any notable disadvantages in my career thus far. Hal had always been an enthusiastic, supportive partner and there were many other females in the industry. Still, the incident helped me realize that, when it came to perceptions of and roles for women in media, there was still plenty of work to be done. (read full article here)

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