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The pilot for a new YouTube video series created by Day Al-Mohamed just went live! AMERICAN MASTERS – RENEGADES: KITTY O’NEIL investigates the amazing life of racecar driver, stunt legend and daredevil Kitty O’Neil (1946-2018) and how her deafness impacted her career in Hollywood in the 1970s. Hosted by musician and disability inclusion advocate Lachi, the series as a whole explores the cultural contributions of people with disabilities and how they transformed America.
“It was important to us that RENEGADES be disability-led with authentic storytelling. We are proud of our diverse core team comprising 100 percent women, more than 50 percent women of color, and more than 50 percent people with disabilities.” Day Al-Mohamed
Also of note, the accessibility included in this project is above industry standards and should become the new starting point for accessibility of media: open captions, on screen ASL interpretation provided in a way that the ASL interpreter is fully visible (and not tiny), audio description, and closed captions, with all captions being accurate, synched, complete, including descriptive of music and sound effects.

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