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ALLIANCE World Premiere in April

It’s finally here! The full-length documentary, ALLIANCE, is coming to the big screen, and you are invited! The World Premiere, at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey, on Sunday, April 16th at 12:30pm, kicks off a 2-day lineup of events. Join director/producer Susan Kehnemui Donnelly for a Q&A conversation, a Post-Screening Reception, an Alliance Descendent “Family” Dinner, an Alliance & Woodbine Colonies Tour, and an open exhibit of the Alliance Heritage Center’s Special Collections archive. Tickets and more info here. ALLIANCE was a recipient of the WIFV Seed Fund for Documentary Filmmakers!

As a descendant of the original Alliance settlers, I am so eager to be sharing this incredible true story of how, in 1882, Jewish immigrants fleeing persecution in Russia came to create the first successful farming colony in the United States. ALLIANCE is a slice-of-life film, highlighting how the brave Alliance Colony settlers overcame difficult obstacles, embraced both their old and new cultures, and created a legacy that lives on today. Through the deeply personal tales of descendants, archival materials, and the wisdom of experts on Jewish farming colonies, ALLIANCE will share this little known part of history with the world. View trailer here.

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