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Anim8Nature -The New Storytelling: 101

Anim8Nature- The New Storytelling: 101

By Kristin Harris

The Old Storytelling
Lots of talk about storytelling these days. Of course humans have been telling stories as long as we have existed, it’s part of our DNA. What I am finding fascinating is how my long career as a producer of preschool media prepares me for the current brand storytelling we are hearing so much
about and our work at Anim8Nature.

Mission of the Life Cycles
The beauty of working on an independent project is it can grow and change over time.
It’s always nice to feel these changes are for the better, more clearly defining the mission.

Anim8Nature’s first animated documentaries are life cycles. Here is the last one completed recently about lichens. These stories tell themselves, or rather Mother Natures reveals the story. I research and consult with scientists but I’m not making up an original story. To the point, I am doing the opposite. These are stories all living organisms share.

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