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SAVING JAGUARS AND OURSELVES directed by Susan Perz, PhD, received an award of Outstanding Excellence from Docs Without Borders in 2023!

Indigenous people and scientists have been saying for almost a year that 80% of the Amazon Rainforest must be protected by 2025 or its ecosystem may die—decaying trees would release up to 200 billion tons of carbon over the next 30-50 years, which Earth’s climate cannot withstand and life on Earth would die. The Encontro das Aguas State Park in the Northern Pantanal is the only place in the world where wild jaguars can be easily be seen by humans. You and I CAN make a real difference by using green banks, credit cards, and home insurance that do not fund or insure fossil fuels—oil, gas, or coal. We can also make a difference by calling the White House and asking the President to declare a Climate Emergency and Sign the Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty proposed by Pacific Island nations that are already experiencing serious climate consequences.

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