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Carletta Hurt Recommends

What film do you think everyone should watch?
I love a good story. I love a good story that educates me. Everyone should watch 13th by Ava DuVernay for its historical foundation and how Ava does a great job of presenting different perspectives while keeping the key issue prominently featured.

The other film that I highly recommend is Love Jones. It’s the classic love story and really highlights how genuine on-screen chemistry can make a film more impactful.

What’s your favorite part about living and working in the DC/MD/VA region?
My favorite part about working in the DMV is that most people have other passions unrelated to film. I work in education and I’ve met FBI agents, lawyers (non-entertainment), interpreters, private investigators (related to finding parents and/or siblings), and farmers.

My favorite part about living the DMV is I can travel to two states and district in 60 minutes or less. This type of movement affords me a plethora of options related to work and play. Additionally, the DMV are nicely positioning me so that I take a fairly inexpensive trip to NY to get my theatre fix.

Who inspires you?
My cousin, Byron Hurt, inspires me to tell powerful, authentic stories. His commitment and knowledge to the art form of documentary filmmaking made to take a new appreciation for the genre.

What story do you wish someone would tell?
I am fascinated with three women of color who I think have dynamic stories that deserve to be told:

  • Audre Lorde
  • Ntzake Shange
  • Staceyann Chin – it would great to make this happen while she is still living

What’s your favorite place to celebrate success with your crew?
A place with good food and even better drinks is the perfect place to celebrate success with my crew. In recent years, I’ve made a point to make sure those locations are black-owned an operated. Three excellent spots in DC are Ben’s Next Door, Culture Coffee Too, and Milk and Honey.

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