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Chance Meeting Leads to Film Collaboration

The encounter that has them co-producing a feature film? The Dzikiewiczs met Wood at a Wheaton Film Festival in November 2017. Julia Dzikiewicz and Tracey Wood connected right away and enjoyed the festival together. Tracey recalls, “Julia introduced me to her husband, Joe, but there was no conversation. Good people. Yet I must say, I was shocked that the following April, Joe sent me an email invite to work on a 48-Hour Film Project.” Julia was the location site coordinator and Art Director. Tracey helped all-around and served as the Assistant Editor. Joe Dzikiewicz wrote and directed. After several 48-HFP’s, they won the Baltimore competition and jetted off to Holland for the 2020 Filmpalooza Film Festival. More creativity is stirring over at the website. Julia is developing the look for the movie using Joe’s script vision and Tracey’s branding vision. Collaboratively, Julia creates everything from storyboards to posters. Join them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to witness Julia’s updates and hear Co-Producers, Joe and Tracey discuss the elements of successful movie posters of the past. (L-R: Tracey, Julia, Joe)

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