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What film should everyone watch?
Though I haven’t seen it in years, my answer is always Schindler’s List. It is a brilliantly directed film based on a true story that exposes the best and worst of humanity. Everyone should be required to watch this film.

What is your favorite part about living and working in the DMV?
There is always something happening in the DMV. I am the daughter of a military officer, I have lived in 10 states. I know that some places are just more interesting than others. I love that I live three hours from the ocean, one hour from the mountains and 10 minutes from the Metro! Though I will admit wouldn’t mind if DC was a bit more boring and stable than it has been for the past 4 years.

Who inspires you?
So many people inspire me, but I have to say the people featured in my film, Resisterhood are my personal heroes. I am not just saying that! It is true. They are extraordinary, ordinary people. Black, Muslim, gay, Latino and female – they stood up against the Trump administration from Day 1. They fought for our civil rights and made sure their voices were heard. They inspire me on a daily basis and I am honored to call them my friends.

What story do you wish someone would tell?
The Round Earth Society. I am so concerned with the polarization of our country. How can we unite when we live in two completely different “fact” bubbles? I would love for someone to create a film that shows us how we can unite around science and truth.

What’s your favorite place to celebrate success with my crew?
Since Resisterhood premiered in August, 2020, the crew and I have not been able to celebrate together. We have yet to see Resisterhood on the big screen. My hope is that we can celebrate together at one of the two festivals that postponed their event until this summer. It will mean traveling to Chicago or Vero Beach, Florida, but I think it will be worth it! If we were able to celebrate right now, we would gather in any restaurant created by another hero of mine, José Andrés.

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