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Doc Toolkit Radio Interiew

Listen to this episode from OWC RADiO on Spotify. Independent filmmakers make films. That’s what they do out of love for the craft, the message, or the story. But, how do they make money so they can continue to create those stories? Author Rachel Gordon interviewed 150 top experts, producers and industry representatives from around the world. Her book, The Documentary Distribution Toolkit, is a comprehensive how-to for emerging as well as experienced documentarians. Listen to the interview here. OWC host, Cirina Catania, a long-time veteran of the filmmaking, marketing, and distribution world, engages Rachel in a lively conversation about best practices and pitfalls of this important aspect of our movie making world. OWC RADiO is sponsored by Other World Computing, creating technology for over 30 years that is changing your media world for the better.

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