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Embracing Script Supervision

By Laurisha Yniguez at RishyReel

I embraced script supervising during the recent strike(s)—the devilishly demanding department of one.

A script supervisor’s role extends beyond ensuring actors deliver their lines verbatim. We log footage, time scenes and serve as the editor’s eyes and ears on set. Time is money; nobody likes reshoots or delayed productions– a true horror film.

Here are lessons I’ve learned over the past year as a scripty:

️- Standing next to the director all day gives me a master class in filmmaking and the best way to know the director’s favorite takes.

️- Snapping a picture of the former frame is underrated and could save hours in post.

️- Unlike acting, there’s limited downtime for a script supervisor on set. While waiting for the camera set-up, I’m catching up on lined pages, editor’s log, loading photos to a folder, etc.

️- Sometimes, the best take features a minor continuity error, but the actors nail their performance, and the lighting is perfect – these moments advance the storyline more than a piece of hair pushed to the wrong side.

️- Capturing the ideal shots during sunset and dawn requires triple the preparation, and to play it safe, roll on rehearsal.

️- Old-school methods may not be glamorous, but they’re still effective. That’s why you’ll always find me on set with my trusty cargo pants, binder, ruler, and foldable sitting stool.

I am grateful to Jennifer Carriere for showing me the ropes and being a great mentor. Thanks to my experience as a script supervisor, I’ve been able to transition to assistant directing swiftly.

Watching movies will never be the same, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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