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Franceschi Audience Building Tips & New Doc

Cheryle Franceschi of Por Eco Productions, One Idea/Dos Languages, LLC offers these recommendations for getting your project to stream to a broader audiences. One is to include closed-captioning, and the other is to purchase a Title Report (basically, a title deed to your own film).
Franceschi made sure those were included as her deliverables for her two documentaries CONSERVATION KIDS: A Green STEM Documentary and MR. BESLEY’S FOREST. For both, she incorporated Environmental-and-Ag Education learning initiatives connecting conservation to real-world experiences. Por Eco Productions’ presentations are currently streaming nationally on multiple Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations. MR BESLEY’S FOREST will have an encore broadcast on MPT Oct 16.
As for distribution plans for 2022, Franceschi is in production of ForestHER -The Next Wave of Conservation. ForestHER came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the connection to the outside world grew, inside the Forest, Mother Earth motioned HER whispering waters beneath the trees to remind us all about clean air spaces, healthy watershed areas, and thriving wildlife habitats. As noted by Gary Allen, President of the Maryland Forestry Foundation “Until recently women foresters were rare. They give voice to a broad set of management values and options beyond the priority given economic returns throughout the [Chesapeake] Bay watershed.” Based in Maryland, Franceschi plans to conduct interviews covering a national perspective. As with the previous documentaries, WIFV colleague Jacquie Greff is returning as editor for the new doc.

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