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Hurt Announces Podcast & Doc

Carletta S. Hurt is the founder and lead producer at IKAM Productions. She is an award-winning producer, passionate educator, and fierce youth advocate. Her forthcoming podcast, Blackout: The Miseducation of Black Girls was a part of the 202Creates Residency program sponsored by the DC Office of Cable, Television, Film, Music and Entertainment drops March 2023.

NEIGHBORS IN BLACK AND WHITE documents the integration and solidarity in 1960’s DC’s Takoma neighborhood through the eyes of two friends, Shannon (white) and Hollis (black), who met 50 years ago, and whose friendship has lasted through the years. The two friends uncover more about their friendship and how those quiet uncomfortable moments even between friends must be addressed. Unless it is spoken – nothing is black and white.

Get social with Carletta on Instagram @neighborsinblackandwhite or Twitter @Carlettahurt

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