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Lusid Media and Richman Doc Premieres in January

Peacock has announced its latest Original documentary, AMBER: The Girl Behind the Alert. The film details the life of Amber Hagerman and the aftermath of her kidnapping, a tragedy that inspired the Amber Alert. The documentary will begin streaming exclusively on Peacock starting Jan 17, 2023. It was produced by Lusid Media and Break-Thru Films with Libby Richman serving as executive producer. Watch the trailer here.

The film tells the story of nine-year-old Amber, who was riding her bike in Arlington, Texas when a man abducted her in broad daylight. The community was shocked – not only to learn of the abduction but also the bizarre coincidence that a news crew had been following Amber’s family for months. Footage of Amber was released and a desperate search began. Tragically, her body was found days later in a nearby creek, leading police to suspect the perp was local. Despite thousands of leads, Amber’s killer remains at large. In the documentary, Amber’s mother shares her final interview and, for the first time, reflects on the hours of chilling documentary footage that captured Amber’s final days. Read full story on the Peacock blog here.

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