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Debbi Mack is launching a new Podcast – Dark and Twisted Alleys. In the first episode Thriller author F.R. Jameson and Mack will be discussing DOUBLE INDEMNITY. Check out Debbi’s website for the start date!

Can’t wait for that one to start? Mack is in Season Nine of the Crime Cafe podcast and, believe it or not, her schedule is booked into September 2026!

“What I hope to do is use the podcast as more than a promotional tool. I’d like to distill the advice and experiences the authors have shared. At this point, I’ve transcribed most of the episodes and hope to release compilations organized by season. I’m still hoping to create a scripted podcast, like an old-time radio show, but updated for contemporary audiences. In addition, I’m developing a newsletter specifically for the podcast.” Catch up on all the seasons at the Crime Cafe here.

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