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Mark Maxey Recommends

What film do you think everyone should watch?
My next film! A close second would be To Kill A Mockingbird.

What’s your favorite part about living and working in the DC/MD/VA region?
The diverse community, rich culture and wide variety of activities and
experiences. Having been raised in the Midwest, where driving five hours in any direction looked exactly like where you had been, I appreciate the DC region’s varied offerings, from beaches on the Atlantic, the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia countryside, mountains, and all that Washington has to offer with its museums, music, theater, dance, art, culture, and baseball (go Nats!)

Who inspires you?
I find inspiration everywhere!

What story do you wish someone would tell?
Documentary about America’s first female president.

What’s your favorite place to celebrate success with your crew?
The Amarano, my home away from home in Burbank.

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