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New Streaming Platform and Projection Options


As a new member, Deb Chandler, CEO of KF Media Group, is very excited to share the opportunities her company brings to our industry and membership.

KF Media Group is the exclusive distribution partner for the new streaming platform, The platform launched 1Q/23 with 50 channels, and has 66 with more coming in 2023. The parent company, ConnectDirect Online expects to add a total of 189 channels to Koko by the end of this year. A FAST TV model, offers free movies, tv, and sports, VOD (videos on demand,) and Pay-Per-View Events. The platform has fewer advertisements than competitors and no subscription fees! Consumers can watch live from the website, or download the Koko app from Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore.

ConnectDirect Online is poised to grow with captive communities and businesses across the Americas, Europe, and Africa through their free internet offerings.

The company released the Koko Smartphone in May, with projection capabilities from an Android device, allowing consumers to take their entertainment virtually anywhere, by projecting up to a 100″ screen from the phone. No surprise that is embedded in each Koko Smartphone!

KF Media Group is currently offering non-exclusive rev-share distribution agreements, VOD distribution for film releases, and Pay-Per-View events. If you have great content that is sitting, or you want more eyes on your content, and are looking for distribution let’s talk. With certain parameters, we are also willing to offer a Letter of Intent for distribution to for your investment raises.

“Don’t Go Loco Over High Subscription Fees, Go Koko!”

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