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Onyshko Back from Ukraine Border

7News did a news story about Olha Onyshko and her most recent trip to Poland where she accompanied clinicians to the Poland-Ukraine border to train therapists there in specific PTSD techniques. They’re with EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs. Now, she’s back from a week-long visit to the Ukraine-Poland border, and is sharing some of the things she saw and experienced during her travels. “I ran into some unbelievable stories. Spontaneous stories. Stories of kindness,” Onyshko said. “Of how common Polish people are helping Ukrainians and how far they’re willing to go.” You can watch the recent coverage here. Onyshko also received coverage from WUSA9 and you can watch it here.

Onyshko wanted to encourage donations to Robert, the owner of the Hotel that holds 153 refugees. “He refuses to receive donations! He says others need them more!” Instead she encourages the film community to make films there. “The surrounding areas are spectacular and stay in the Hotel Nad Przelomem in Sromowce Nizne, Poland!!”

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