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Perz Doc Chosen for Nature Without Borders Int’l Film Festival

THE SACRED LOVES OF BIRDS celebrates the beauty, sentience, and lives of birds–their right to have safe places to live–what we have in common with them as humans—why they are declining–and
ways we can protect them.

Director Susan Perz‘s desire is to inspire empathy and deepen our connection to birds to inspire action to protect them. Birds have their own families, their own ways of showing affection – some mate for life – their own experiences of loss and connection. They are sentient beings and, in some ways, they are not that different from humans. Coastal birds are declining due to climate change and habitat loss and birds, in general, are in serious decline. I want to inspire people to protect birds, their habitats, wetlands, and increase wild places, save trees and forests, plant native plants at home, and realize the importance of addressing climate change.

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