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“Putting Your Best Face Forward”

By Erica Rivers

A long week and frigid temperatures made me seriously rethink my commitment to attend last Thursday’s “How to Stand Out at Auditions”. But having recently attended an audition where I wasn’t quite sure how to dress for a particular part, I decided it was in my best interest to attend the presentation.

The evening began with a discussion spearheaded by Angel Brown and Dawn Douglas. The topics ranged from what artistic choices to make in an audition to the pros and cons of initiating conversations with fellow actors while waiting to be called. There was also mention of actors meeting regularly to practice and constructively critique each other in a supportive environment, which many thought was a good idea.

Up next was Carol Stover, Professional Makeup Artist, stylishly dressed in a green leather jacket. Carol had a warm demeanor, and with 30 years of industry experience under her belt I was eagerly awaiting her list of do’s and don’t’s.

She began with the premise that a good complexion starts from the inside out, and it got my immediate attention when she mentioned that gluten and dairy are a no-go for those with problematic skin. Having cut those items out of my own diet with noticeable results, it was nice to hear a make up artist approach skin care from a nutritional stand point. Carol’s not a fan of soap due to the ph balance, favoring liquid cleansers instead.

Here are some details Carol says may kill your chances (or put you in her least favorite category, as by showing up with any of the following, you’ve instantly made her job harder):

– Poor Skin
– Bad Wardrobe (wrinkles, stains, hanging threads, frayed edges)
– Hair (unwashed, visible roots, ages since the last trim)
– Bad Teeth

Carol also talked in depth about what constitutes a “natural look” and how this is difficult to pin down, as everyone’s definition may be different. A few of her guidelines for achieving this look were:

– Nice hairstyle that’s not too trendy and off the face
– No heavy make up
– Cheek and lip color should match
– No liquid liner
– Cleavage; put it away
– Avoid extremes (no super sexy high heels, flashy jewelry, etc.)

For men:

– Good hair cut
– For attire, stick to basic colors: charcoal, black, navy or brown
– A sweater with a t-shirt underneath (please invest in a good t-shirt, it makes a difference)

She summed it up nicely by saying that “…what most producers and clients mean when they say ‘natural’, is you on a really good day without being dressed to the nines…”

Carol then demonstrated how to achieve a natural look on an audience member while answering our questions.

It was a fantastic presentation, and I learned lots of helpful makeup tips. I would love to have Carol “beat” my face, so I made sure to get her card before leaving.

Many thanks to WIFV and Interface Media for a worthwhile and informative event.

Visit Carol’s website here.

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