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Ratick Stroud’s Performance Brings Cops!

“For those who don’t know, I was cast in a feature film last November. It’s a horror genre which is new for me. I’m mostly comedy. But the producer contacted me thru the recommendation of a mutual friend (actors – take note – Networking is most important) and offered me the role of the mayor’s wife. I filmed two days in December, two more in January, with one more day in February. On January 24, we were filming my death scene. (In a horror film everyone gets killed.) The location was Edgewater, MD in a beautiful Airbnb. We did the first 2 scenes where I’m on the phone. Then came the scene where I open the door expecting my “son” and the killer comes in. My character is in a motorized wheelchair and can’t move quickly. So I’m screaming as the killer comes at me and I’m struggling to retreat. As you know, scenes are filmed numerous times to get the different angles. About an hour into the filming our producer was called outside. The neighbors had called the police to investigate the situation. Needless to say, I was complimented for my authenticity. Going forward I was wiling to curtail the volume of my screams but the sound guy said they had enough for post and to pantomime the rest!”

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