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Send Us Your Film Footage Questions; We’ll Find Answers!

Posted by Judith Snyderman, Need Footage? Panel Moderator
WIFTI Summit Committee and WIFV DC Board Member
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Do you have tough film footage challenges? If you have too little guidance or too many opinions, elusive footage sources, budget woes, licensing or rights dilemmas – come to the Friday morning WIFTI Summit panel, Need Footage? or, just send your questions to Judith Synderman at, and we’ll send a wrap up of the conversation. This session features a powerhouse panel of footage experts with distinct perspectives:
Bonnie Rowan, Emmy-nominated researcher with research credits on several Academy Award nominees.

Bonnie Rowan, an independent researcher whose public domain expertise includes comprehensive knowledge of the vast collection at the U.S. National Archives.

Elizabeth Klinck, Producer, researcher and clearance specialist on numerous award-winning Canadian, American and British documentary films that have garnered Emmy, Gemini, Peabody and Academy awards
Elizabeth Klinck, an independent researcher and clearance specialist , and founding chairperson of the Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada
Nan Halperin, Business Development Manager for ITN Source, one of the world’s largest, most diverse, global footage archives

Nan Halperin,based in Atlanta, Georgia, is part of ITN’s US Team representing ITN Source and its partners, which include Reuters, Fox News & Fox Movietone, ITV Studios, Images of War and other premier footage archives.

Jocelyn Shearer, Vice President, Discovery Access, formerly worked at National Geographic where she negotiated more than 300 content license and distribution deals.
Jocelyn Shearer, from the recently launched stock library, Discovery Access and prior archive experience at National Geographic, Corbis and Getty Images.
Peter Jaszi, an American University intellectual property law expert, who works with American University’s Center for Social Media to promote the understanding of fair use by documentarians. (No photo available at this time for Peter.)
We are looking for questions to garner expert insights and opinions to share with you in a post-conference wrap up. Here are a few samples to get you started:
Can you you fair use a clip for international distribution?
Where are the strongest collections of pre-World War II daily life footage in Middle Eastern nations?
Does fair use apply to local television station newscast footage, and if it does, what are some tips to get your hands on it?
Looking forward to your most challenging and provocative questions. Include enough details for panelists to weigh in. Contact Judith Snyderman, Need Footage? Panel Moderator at

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