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Serrano Wins Best Composer!

Based in Washington D.C, Ivan Ruiz Serrano recently won Best Composer in the Karlovy Vary Indie Film and Art Festival, and received Honorable Mention for Best Original Soundtrack in the Fox International Film Festival and in the New York International Film Awards for his compositions for TANATOCHRESIS, directed by Quike Frances. Learn more here.

His work has received numerous national and international awards, winnig the Alex North Award 2016 for the best original soundtrack in feauture film at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ) with the movie “The Exile” (“El Destierro”). Also, he won the Jerry Goldsmith Award in the Movie Score Málaga (MOSMA) 2016 for best soundtrack in commercial advertisementwith the History Channel commercial “Thomas Edison: Nancy´s Son”. In February 2017 he won the Accolade Global Film Competition for best original song in long-length film for “The Enchanted” (“Los Encantados”). He is member of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain and The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. He has been nominated ten times to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and four times to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

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