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Skin, Bones, & WIFV

By Kristin Reiber Harris

Did you miss our exciting Education and Children’s Media (EdCM) Roundtable at Interface Media Group last week? Lucky for you, member, Kristin Reiber Harris, can fill you in on what you missed! Check out Kristin’s post on Skin & Bones, An Augmented Reality Mobile App with Robert Costello and Diana Marques here. And a huge thank you to Robert and Diana for joining us!

Digital Experience with Bones at the National Museum of Natural History

With almost 7 million annual visitors, the National Museum of Natural History on the Mall in Washington, DC is the most visited natural history museum in the world. The iconic elephant in the rotunda is a familiar site to people all over the globe and one I have known since childhood.

During July I had the opportunity to spend two days in the museum. My visits focused on the Bone Hall, an historic part of the museum’s collection. I was fascinated that key components of the current display date back to the original exhibition on comparative anatomy in 1881. I had invited the developers of the app Skin & Bones for the Bones Hall to speak at a meeting of the Women in Film & Video‘s Education & Children’s Media Roundtable. I wanted to be prepared for the event.

I downloaded the app Skin & Bones in May and found it an educational, entertaining resource. Almost all of the features are accessible off site. The app opens with a diagram of the Bone Hall, indicating which skeletons have digital components.

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