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Sobola Publishes Drone Guide

From independent films to high-end movie sets, to construction sites and real estate; drones make it a fun and exciting way to work. But, how do you sift through all the information out there to buy your aircraft, find your customers and get paid flying drones? That’s what this book is all about.

Mike Sobola will show you:
– How to start your drone business in the shortest and most cost-effective way possible
– Short cuts to start earning money right away – even while you’re learning
– How to get real experience fast, and build your flying hours quickly-even if you’ve never flown a drone
– Pitfalls and areas to avoid-from a drone pilot who’s experienced them
– How to find drone work, including who to contact and what they’re looking for
– A list of 12 specific areas where drone opportunities are the greatest, including how to find the work, what skills and equipment you need to start, what the clients expect, and what you can charge for your missions.
– Transform your hobby into a fun and profitable business with this comprehensive drone guide. Order yours here.

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