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Support Professional Development: Successful Programs that Support Members and the Bottom Line

WIFTI Summit 2012
University of California Washington in Washington, DC
Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 – 11:45 AM

Writer: Sonya Dunn, Women in Film & Video DC, Member

Professional Development is a continuing, lifelong process for anyone interested in career progression. Women in Film & Television understands this intricate and crucial element in pursuing one’s advancement within the media industry. With over 40 chapters on five continents, the WIFTI Summit added a panel on such a topic.

Melissa Houghton, Executive Director, WIFV DC
Melissa Houghton, Executive Director, WIFV DC

Executive Director of the WIFV DC chapter, Melissa Houghton (seen above), was the moderator of a candid roundtable discussion of chapter leaders and members. Over 15 chapters from across the globe shared successful professional development programs, benchmark membership initiatives, and organizational outreach efforts.

WIFTI is a national brand that supports stories produced, written, or directed by women. Many of the represented members agreed on the need to be more aware of the developmental resources available to elevate WIFTI to a global audience.

Paula Silver, a board member on the Women In Film Foundation, stated:

We have to think big. When we think big, we can generate national support for our programs.

From the discussion, the theme was: finding ways to highlight and showcase finished film projects from around the various chapters to an international audience.

Janet Davidson, Vice Chair of WIFTI:

International Short Showcase is a wonderful vehicle for chapter members to have their work seen on an international stage. From the International Short Showcase, some have received distribution deals.

Bottom line: It is important for women filmmakers in all genres to consistently be involved in professional development. WIFTI and its chapters are organizations that personify this in the film and television industry.

About the Writer: Sonya Dunn, Women in Film & Video – DC, Member

Sonya Dunn is an award-winning director and writer. She is a national columnist on Diversity on Screen. Currently, she is working on an action/sci fi transmedia project – Byker Chyckz.

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