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THE RECIPE Premieres in May

THE RECIPE, produced by Mel Howerton has been selected to screen at the International Christian Film Festival. Howerton will be attending, along with the lead actress, Candy Dennis. Ms Dennis has been nominated for Best Actress in a Short Film. The Festival will be held May 3-6 in Orlando, FL. More festival info here.

Written and directed by John M. Forte, the film opens when Delores Sampson invites family friend, Gary Baxter, to dinner in hopes of reconnecting by sharing memories of her son Bobby. Things take a turn when the truth comes out and Gary tries to leave. Forced to face the inevitable pain of what happened to Bobby, Gary and Delores must decide to deal with the reality of healing.

As Howerton shares “This short film proves with the right ingredients, anything is possible. Shedding light on loss of a loved one and PTSD through hope and healing by way of forgiveness. If it touches just one person, the link has already begun.”

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