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The Story Oppenheimer Leaves Out

FIRST WE BOMBED NEW MEXICO exposes the gripping, untold story of government lies, multi-generational cancers, abandonment, and great suffering experienced by local communities in New Mexico since the 1945 Trinity Bomb. Tina Cardova, an inspiring Latina cancer survivor, discovers that residents should have been evacuated before the blast. They were not. Baby deaths spiked, these statistics were covered up – and then the cancers began.

White citizens downwind of later nuclear tests in other states have received some reparations from Congress. Tina’s goal is to have Congress extend the act before it expires in June 2024 so the original Downwinders also receive compensation.

FIRST WE BOMBED NEW MEXICO exposes the environmental racism and nuclear colonialism in New Mexico and the s-heroes and heroes who are trying to make a difference.

Amid resurging domestic & global threats the film starkly reminds us that radiation doesn’t respect national borders, bringing home the idea that we are all downwinders.

Lois Lipman produced the documentary under her 47th State Films banner. Learn more on the film’s website. You can watch the trailer here. Check out the recent review by BBC Film Critic Tom Brooks here.

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