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Three Seas at 35!

We’ve done so much over the last 35 years, it’s tough to know where to start!

From our roots as a small indie record label in the 80’s, we have continually grown and developed, adding new talent and new capabilities each year. Right now, there’s nothing we can’t create. Three Seas Inc spans four unique, production and post-production boutiques – Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge, Noise Distillery, and Gigawatt Group.

At Clean Cuts, our audio work has won everything from Emmys to Addys. Our engineers have tackled mix as well as sound design work that has been featured in some great commercials, documentaries, stage pieces, and screen projects. We’ve produced audio for television networks like Discovery, Nat Geo and TLC, as well as video game publishers like 2K, Bethesda Softworks and Marvel Games. No matter what the purpose, our clients trust us to help launch their biggest properties.

For our visual boutique, Cerebral Lounge, anything is possible. From concept to completion, we immerse ourselves in your world, confident that whatever story you have to tell, we have the vision, craft, and creativity to help you tell it.

Our wealth of experience, reputation and quality of work within Cerebral Lounge has attracted clients throughout the country – from television networks, advertising agencies and corporations to small businesses and associations. Whoever you are, we want you to succeed and we love to help you do it. It’s that sense of camaraderie that makes for a unique relationship that our clients depend on – and keeps them coming back. Whether it’s motion graphics, visual effects, or compelling editorial — whatever you can imagine, we can create. And if you need a little inspiration, our writing team can help with that too.

Noise Distillery serves as a home for our team of composers that craft tailored, emotionally connective custom music to elevate brand identities, content, and stories. Our composers and music lovers want nothing more than to create the soundtrack that helps audiences connect with your content.

Gigawatt Group is our creative strategy boutique that turns fact-based insights into strategic communication tools and marketing content. Gigawatt Group works to empower companies both large & small to energize their brand by developing creative, data-driven solutions, and
campaigns that maximize their marketing dollars & increase their return on investment.

Finally, we have Clean Cuts Interactive – born out of the Grammy-Award winning studios of Clean Cuts in 2010, CCI forged into the world of interactive audio, spearheaded by a group of passionate sound designers who wanted to challenge the boundaries of game audio, without compromising aesthetic and vision. Together with our clients, Clean Cuts Interactive works to develop a unique and iconic sonic identity that helps to define your game experience. At CCI, we are passionate about what we do, and we have the experience and technical expertise to level-up your game play.

As you can see, Three Seas is a culmination of these unique collective boutique creative companies that work in creative strategy, visual storytelling, audio and sound design and custom music. We use all our strengths to work together: creating tools and content that aims to build meaningful value for our clients, preserve and grow their brands, and bind communities of people together. With offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, we are available to cater to any need.

Three Seas is proud to be a member of the DMV film community and a contributor to Women in Film & Video. Should you want to collaborate with us and learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our great team of cross-boutique producers via our contact page or visit our full website at to see samples of our work!

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