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Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood Recommends

What film do you think everyone should watch?
Two years ago, I produced a film called Sinners Wanted, written and directed by Jimmy and Joshua Jenkins. It has a timeless message that the most important thing in life is love. We’re in a season where we’re all judging each other. This movie will make you stop and see things differently. You can watch it on Tubi.

What’s your favorite part about living and working in the DC/MD/VA region?
There is such a vibrant, strong community of filmmakers here. People are hungry and ready to work. The DMV area has such a promising future with all the opportunities and resources that are being made available to new filmmakers. It is important that we keep each other abreast and collaborate. Annually, I host the DMV TV & Film Summit to bring all those great creative minds together. For more information, go to

Who inspires you?
Nothing is more important than family. My production company, MegaMind Media, is a family run business. It’s a shared success; they’re not only helping me manifest my dreams, but they are realizing and manifesting their own as well.

What story do you wish someone would tell?
A story where we see the struggle and end result of how Stacey Abrams changed America, biopic.

What’s your favorite place to celebrate success with your crew?
Honestly, right in my home. I love hosting family gatherings and everyone who works with us is family. That has changed recently, due to the pandemic, so celebrations have been happening on the final day of production where we acknowledge every department for their hard work and dedication; just imagine a room full of crying producers, actors, grips, makeup artists, PAs and everything in between.

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