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Virginia’s film and TV incentives need a reboot

Imagine: Virginia’s popular Republican governor leading a joyous bill-signing celebration at Richmond’s historic St. John’s Church that included members of the business community, trade associations, advocacy groups, arts organizations, labor unions, leaders of both political parties, and even a few historical re-enactors to boot.

Ironically, this wasn’t a dramatic scene out of a feel-good summer blockbuster – it really happened 13 years ago, when former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell signed a bill establishing a tax credit program to incentivize film and television projects to create lucrative, highly skilled jobs and bolster local economies. Column by Paul W. Thomas in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Read full article here.

VPA + IATSE advocacy folks put together this website re: VA’s legislative plan if helpful for anyone, good tool for staying in the loop this VA legislative session.

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