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2021 Suggested Nominations for National Film Registry – Nomination period closes September 15

You may recommend up to 50 titles per year through the Library of Congress’ online nomination formHere are some suggestions!

A WOMAN’S ERROR (1922) written and directed by Tressie Souders
THE CHAMP (1931) written by Frances Marion
THE MIRACLE WORKER (1962) about Helen Keller
THE WOMEN’S HAPPY TIME COMMUNE (1972) directed by Sheila Page
HE’S ONLY MISSING (1978) directed by Robin Smith
OTHELLO (1980) directed by Liz White
YENTL (1983) written, directed, and produced by Barbra Streisand
DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (1985) written by Leora Barish and directed by Susan Seidelman
DIRTY DANCING (1987) written by Eleanor Bergstein
CROSSING DELANCEY (1988) written by Susan Sandler and directed by Joan Micklin Silver
MYSTIC PIZZA (1988) written by Amy Holden Jones
FAST FOOD WOMEN (1992) directed by Anne Lewis
JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE IRT (1992) written and directed by Leslie Harris
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE (1993) written and directed by Nora Ephron
MAYA LIN: A STRONG CLEAR VISION (1994) written and directed by Freida Lee Mock
CLUELESS (1995) written and directed by Amy Heckerling
MATILDA (1996) screenplay by Robin Swicord and Nicholas Kazan
THE WATERMELON WOMAN (1997) written and directed by Cheryl Dunye
SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS (1998) written and directed by Tamara Jenkins
BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER (1999) starring Natasha Lyonne
ERIN BROCKOVICH (2000) written by Susannah Grant
LOVE AND BASKETBALL (2000) written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HANK GREENBERG (2000) directed by Aviva Kempner
5 GIRLS (2001) written and directed by Maria Finitzo
LEGALLY BLONDE (2001) screenplay by Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith
BACK TO GOMBIN (2002) written and directed by Minna Packer
FRIDA (2002) written by Hayden Herrera and directed by Julie Taymor
SISTERS IN CINEMA (2003) written and directed by Yvonne Welbon
STEPHANIE DALEY (2006) written and directed by Hilary Brougher
BILLY THE KID (2007) directed by Jennifer Venditti
HER NAME IS SABINE  (2007) written and directed by Sandrine Bonnaire
UNDER THE SAME MOON / LA MISMA LUNA (2007) written by Ligiah Villalobos and directed by Patricia Riggen
WHIP IT (2009) written by Shauna Cross and directed by Drew Barrymore


Women in Film & Video provides our community with information about legal issues of interest and import.  Below is information relating to sexual harassment laws and enforcement, including links to the abundant (and free) resources available from federal, state, and county agencies in the DMV Metro area. Click here.

USA TODAY Releases Results of Harassment Survey

A USA TODAY survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry found 94% say they’ve experienced harassment or assault. Almost every one of hundreds of women questioned in an exclusive survey by USA TODAY said they have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault during their careers in Hollywood, often by an older individual in a position of power over the accuser.

Working in partnership with the Creative Coalition, NYWIFT and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, USA TODAY surveyed 843 women who work in the entertainment industry in a variety of roles (producers, actors, writers, directors, editors and others) and asked them about their experiences with sexual misconduct.  In addition to the 94%, the study found that more than one-fifth of respondents (21%) said they have been forced to do something sexual at least once.  Read full article here.

WIFV Fields 48 Hour Film Project Teams!

As part of our continuing advocacy for women in leadership positions creating media, WIFV members will come together to produce a short film for the DC 48 Hour Film Project.  2019 was the seventh year we are fielding a team.  Due to COVID-19 we did not field a team in 2020.  You can watch the 2017 entry, THE TENURE GAMES, here on YouTube.

The 2017 team was recognized for Best Use of Prop in THE TENURE GAMES as well as being a second-place Audience Award recipient at its premiere.  The 2015 team won the Audience Award for Group C with FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!  In 2013, CALAMITY JANE, won an audience-chosen Best Of Award and the team won the Spirit Award.  We salute the members who work so hard over 48 hours!

THE AUDITION Crew and Cast – 2019 (Slapstick and a little drama)
Director: Diane Williams
Writing Team: Mattie Friberg, Michelle Bowen-Ziecheck
Screenplay: Celia de la Vega, Diane Williams
Producers: Tim Flaherty, Shahrzad Sari, Diane Williams
Fight Choreographer: Celia de la Vega
Director of Photography: Matt LeClair
Camera Operators: Andrew Heller, Leah Ross
Sound: Stephen Ames
Gaffer: Anne Saul
Editors: Mia Amado, Mattie Friberg
Original Music: JP Wogaman II
Script Supervisors: Michelle Bowen-Ziecheck, Glenda Nelson
Production Assistant: Anthony Saxon
CAST: Greg Crowe, Celia de la Vega, Bess Epstein, Allen Hepner,  Amedeo Iasci,  Kirk Lambert, Dave Motheral, Gale Nemec, Shahrzad Sari, Lorrie Smith, Genise White, Diane Williams
Special Thanks: IMG, DC-Camera, SAG/AFTRA

EGGSTREME Crew and Cast – 2018 (Silent/Sport category)
Director/Co-Producer:  Robin Noonan-Price
Assistant Producers: Jane Barbara, Vicki Steinwurtzel, Malikkah Rollins, Sam Casscells
Assistant Directors: Sandra Brennan, Martha Karl
Writers: Linda Robbins, Karyn Langhorne Folan, Betty Sullivan, Maren Leggett, Heidi Scott, Jane Barbara, Martha Karl
Director of Photography:  Brian Pascale
Assistant Camera:  John Z. Wetmore
Grip: Kathi D. Overton
Gaffers:  Danard Grays, Keri D. Williams
Editor: Jason Lobe
Assistant Editor: Shoshana Rosenbaum
Music:  Sam Cascells, Stephen Price
Stunt Coordinator:  Celia de la Vega
CAST: Alison Bauer, Martha Karl, Marlon Russ, Brian Mac Ian, Celia de la Vega, Barbara Zablocky, Kirk Lambert, Mary Agnes Shearon, Ester T. Ferman, Heidi Scott, Vicky Steinwurtzel, Mary Suib, Michael Sanchez, Keri D. Williams

THE TENURE GAMES Crew and Cast – 2017 
Director: Diane Williams
Producers: Dianela Urdaneta de Ratha, Diane Williams
Story Development: Nancy Breslin, Celia de la Vega, Stephanie House, Martha Newman, Diane Williams
Scriptwriter: Diane Williams
Editor: J.B. Torres Medina
Composer: John Rowles
Director of Photography: Greg Letiecq
Camera Operator: J.B. Torres Medina
Second Camera: David Crosson
Sound Mixer: Greg Letiecq
Gaffer: Anne Saul
Script Supervisor: Stephanie House
Production Assistants: Nancy Breslin, David Crosson, Brian Duffin, Tonya Pettigrew, Aseem Ratha, Jennifer Shim
CAST: Martha Newman, Michael J. Reilly, Yvonne Paretzky, Greg Crowe, Robert Gudauskas, Jim Ruwaldt, Lorrie Smith, Martha Karl, Celia de la Vega, Shahrzad “Sherry” Sari, and Nancy Breslin.

ANYTHING FOR MOM Crew and Cast – 2016 
Director – Robin Noonan-Price
Writers  – Nancy Breslin, Shanon Lee, Shoshana Rosenbaum, Diane Williams
Producers – Faith DeVeaux and Marcey Lynn Frutchey
Director of Photography – Aaron Shirley
Editor – Dawn Morgan
Composer– Paul Mitchell
Sound Recordist – Terrill Mast and Paul Mitchell
Assistant Camera – Thomas Fant
Gaffer – John Wetmore
Set Design – Vicki McGill
Script Supervisor – Anne Thompson
Set Photographer – Vicki McGill and Anne Thompson
Hair & Makeup – Christine Moody and Yesli Velazquez
Production Assistant  – Nancy Breslin and Cecelia Gonzalez
Cast – Zeke Alton, Alison Bauer, Julie Anne Bell, John Brougher, Kristin Horgen, Kirk Lambert, Vicki McGill, and Sheri Ratick Stroud

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE Crew and Cast – 2015 
Director – Oriana Oppice
Writers  – Jane Barbara, Faith DeVeaux, Oriana Oppice, R. Marion Troy, Shoshana Rosenbaum, Douglas Ryan
Producers – Jane Barbara and Faith DeVeaux
Cinematographer – Aaron Shirley
Editor – Diego C. Torres
Assistant Director – Robin Noonan-Price
Sound Recordist – J. Walter Swartz
Assistant Camera – John Z. Wetmore
Gaffer – Thomas Fant
Set Decoration & Props – Paige Mitchell
Wardrobe & Script Supervisor – Anne Thompson
Graphic Artist – Eric Seidman
Hair & Makeup – Ali Cheff
Cast – Oriana Oppice, Martha Karl, Claude Stark, Krissi Bainbridge

THE CHOSEN Crew and Cast – 2014
– Jane Barbara and Faith DeVeaux
Writers – Jane Barbara, Faith DeVeaux, Joe McGloin, Irlene Ricks
Producers – Jane Barbara and Faith DeVeaux
Director of Photography – Aaron Shirley
Editors – Bonnie Breuner and Gina Vontress
Audio – Richard Waite and Walter Swartz
Gaffer – Thomas Fant
Production Assistant – Jamila Flomo
Actors – Phil Filsoof, Kim Hoang, Tony Quinn, Mary Suib, Allison Tucker, Kim Tuvin, David Walsh and Paul Weidecker

CALAMITY JANE Crew and Cast – 2013
Director – Erin Essenmacher
Head Writer – Jane Barbara
Writers – Faith DeVeaux, Erin Essenmacher, Giselle LeBleu Gant, Maha Haddad, Liliane Mavridara, Joseph McGloin, Natalia Megas, Maureen Offutt, Irelene Ricks, Lisa Scott and Vicki Warren
Executive Producers – Erin Essenmacher and Melissa Houghton
Producers – Jane Barbara, Maureen Offutt and Rachel Torgoff
Directors of Photography – Robert Romano and Keri Williams
Editor – Andrea Trillo
Production Designer – Robin Noonan-Price
Production Manager – Maureen Offutt
Line Producer – Robin Noonan-Price
Associate Producers – Charlie Germano and Vicki Warren
Sound Design / Original Music – Barbara Buchanan
Casting Director – Martha Karl
Additional Casting – Robin Reck
Lighting Director – Keri Williams
Additional Camera – Patsy Lynch and Randy Philipp
Audio – Aaron Shirley
Script Supervisor – Liliane Mavridara
Still Photographer – Patsy Lynch
Production Assistants – Alison Bauer, Faith DeVeaux, Charlie Germano, Natalia Megas, Joseph McGloin, Irelene Ricks and Lisa Scott
Hair/Makeup – Cathy Kades, Khia ”Bestii Khia” Godfrey, Shari Hookman Berger and Shenetta Malkia
Wellness – Vicki Warren
Post Production Supervisor – Andrea Trillo
Post Production Manager – Rachel Rasby
Color Correction – Randy Philipp and Alikia Reaves
Graphics – Rachel Rasby
First Assistant Editor – Alikia Reaves
Post Production Assistants – Randy Philipp and Aaron Shirley
Grip – Charlie Germano and Joseph McGloin
Prop Mistress – Faith DeVeaux
Wardrobe – Giselle Carrillo

Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Jane White – Shelby Sours
Female Office Party Goer – Alison Bauer
Office Guy #1 – Joseph McGloin
Tipsy Office Lady – Martha Karl
Office Guy #2 – Charlie Germano
Office Chatterbox – Oriana Oppice
Sombrero Guy – Nello DeBlasio
New Age Co-Worker – Sheri Ratick Stroud
Inspector Alex Berbrick – William Aitken
Yoga Women – Alison Bauer, Robin Reck
Female Inspector – Antoinette Greene


31 Women for 31 Days Celebrations

In 2017, we celebrated Terra Allgaier, Yolanda Arrington, Ericka Boston, Sharon Burtner, Nutan Chada, LeeAnn Dance, Irem Dogancali, Flo Dwek, Bonnie Erbe, Marcey Frutchey, Carmella Gioio, Jacquie Greff, Kim Holcomb, Rouane Itani, Anna Jhirad, Natasha Klauss, Hilarey Kirsner Leonard, Sue Malone, Kimberly McFarland, Bridget Bell McMahon, Rebekah Mejorado, Emily Morrison, Penelope Poole, Rachel Rasby, Karen Ryan, Crisger Santley, Maura Ugarte, Dianela Urdaneta, Betsy Walters, Gillian Willman, and Wynette Yao.

In 2016, we celebrated Erica Arvold, Carolyn Bain, Virginia Betholet, Susan Borke, Connie Bransilver, Donna Brant, Barbara Burst, Caitlin Carroll, Anne Chapman, Frances A. Cheever, Giovanna Chesler, Carlyn Davis, Elizabeth Donatelli, Julianne Donofrio, Maxine Downs, Richelle Fatheree, Phylis Geller, Pip Gilmour, Heather Godwin, Paige Gold, Shellee M. Haynesworth, Penny Lee, Linda Maslow, Connie Day McClinton, Jill Merrick, Flora Nicholas, Kat Roman, Nina Gilden Seavey, Robin Smith, Susan Stolov, and Kristen Udowitz.

In 2015, we celebrated Ashley Blue, Birgit Buhleier, Cintia Cabib, Michal Carr, Samantha Cheng, Amy DeLouise, Sonya Dunn, Susan Fertig-Dykes, Katy Garrity, Harriet Getzels, Nicole Haddock, Piper Hendricks, Beth Hoppe, Jane Ingalls, Cathy Kades, Rachel Kennedy, Katie LeDain, Irene A. Magafan, Vicki McGill, Nell Minow, Fran Murphy, Malia Murray, Catie O’Keefe, Ufuoma Otu, Katherine Pasternak, Shoshana Rosenbaum, Jennifer Schwed, Lisa Senyk, Hillary Shea, Sandrine Silverman, Sheila Smith, Sharon Sobel, Maggie Burnette Stogner, Barbara Valentino, and Geena Vontress.

In 2014, we celebrated Susan Bodiker, Bonnie Breuner, Polly Bryan, Sandy Cannon-Brown, Lauren Cardillo, Lynda Clarke, Christine Colburn, Maryanne Culpepper, Kasey Cunningham, Michelle Delino, Aditi Desai, Marie Dyak, Tara Garwood, Talaya Grimes, Kimberly Hatton, Patricia Howard, Kathy Huycke, Lynette Jackson, Karen Kasmauski, Aviva Kempner, Nicole LaLoggia, Yang Li, Rhonda McDaniel, Beth Mendelson, Carola Myers, Rosemary Reed, Melisa Rivera, Amy Green Thrasher, Rachel Torgoff, Catherin Tripp, and Nada Youssef.

In 2013, we celebrated Jane Barbara, Sandra Brennan, Tina Chancey, Lynne Cherry, Felicia Barlow Clar, Betsy Cox, Erin Curtis, Katie Gates, Erica Ginsberg, Ricki Green, Judith Dwan Hallet, Frances Hardin, Adrena Ifill, Andrea Kalin, Claude LaVallee, Melissa Leebaert, Judith Paine McBrien, Marianne Meyer, Paulette Moore, Cheryl Ottenritter, Virginia Quesada, Bonnie Nelson Schwartz, Laura Seltzer-Duny, Yasmin Shiraz, Heather A. Taylor, Karen Thomas, Jaia Thomas, Gwen Tolbart, Cid Collins Walker, Sydnye White, Karen Whitehead, Diane Williams, and Catherine Wyler.

In 2012, we celebrated Allsion Abner, Wendy Anderson, Elizabeth Andrade, Ada Babino, Susan Barocas, Monica Lee Bellais, Leola Calzolai-Stewart, Yi Chen, Robyn DeShields, Faith DeVeaux, Connie Dong, Madeline Glist, Kristin Harris, Jody Hassett-Sanchez, Joy Haynes, Megan Healy, Sarah Katz, Susan Kehoe, Kristen Kenney, Kiley Kraskouskas, Robin Noonan-Price, Ali Ogden, Kathi Overton, Dara Padwo-Audick, Andre Papitto, Roberta Pieczenik, Carol Pineau, Alison Rosa, Carol Rosen, Flo Stone, Antoinette Tope, and Marilyn Weiner.

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