ScriptDC is the premier conference for Mid-Atlantic writers, producers and talent to achieve their creative dreams by connecting them with accomplished teachers, consultants and industry professionals. The 2014 edition will be November 14-16, 2014 at The George Washington University.  You can download the registration form here or register online through the WIFV calendar.  Pre-registration closes November 13.  Here’s the schedule of workshops on Saturday, November 15Workshop and Master Class descriptions available hereThe Pitch and Script Critique Schedule on Sunday is here.  There are a few pitch slots available and you can claim yours at the registration desk!

What is Included in Your Registration?

Opening Night Conversation with Golan Ramras on November 14, beginning at 7:00 pm.
PLUS Workshops on November 15 and opportunities for script critiques and pitch critiques on November 16.
Conversation with Mary Jane Skalski on November 15, beginning at 7:00 pm.
Choose your workshops when you download the form.

Special Opportunities

  • Meet the Best: We are honored that Joan Darling, Mary Jane Skalski, Megan Holley, Bill Svanoe, Golan Ramras, April Eberhardt, Kate Pearson, Maryanne Culpepper, Joel Westbrook, Monica Lee Bellais, Arla Bowers, Tanya Roche, Penny Lee, Austin Bragg, Cid Collins Walker and others have agreed to present. Presenter bios available here.
  • Master Classes: Joan Darling teaching a full-day master class on directing from your script!  Bill Svanoe and Megan Holley teaching advanced writing master class (starts Friday evening, all-day Saturday, Sunday morning).  Editing Docs, Features and Shorts.
  • Practice Your Pitch: 32 attendees will have 5 minutes each to pitch their script to producers and 10 minutes for a critique.  We’ll let you know when you’re on!  A few slots are still available and you can sign up in the registration area on Saturday!
  • Be in the Audience for Script Critiques: The first 5 pages by area authors will be read by local actors and  critiqued by producers and writing teachers.  Script slots are full!  Sign up to be in the audience and learn from the experience of others.

Here’s what I know about ScriptDC: I won’t miss it ever again!  ScriptDC is on my list of development opportunities permanently.”  Jen Whiting

I figured out how to sell my screenplay.  A great learning experience!!!” Brian Streaty

I am always amazed at how you gather such high-quality presenters and create such a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone from beginners to the very experienced.”  Shoshana Rosenbaum

I had such a fun time this weekend being a panelist.  Thank you for organizing a great event and including me on the panels.  It was like being on American Idol for screenplay writers.”  Jonathan Stein

Thank you for putting on such a wonderfully helpful conference…Hearing Joan Darling comment on my screenplay is one of the highlights of my life.  Thank you for making that possible.”  Renee Tynan

There are workshops for beginning writers, advanced writers, editors, directors, feature, shorts and documentary filmmakers.  Here’s the schedule of workshops on Saturday, November 15Sunday Pitch and Script Critique Schedule is here – there are a few pitch slots available and you can claim one at the registration desk.  Here’s what’s being taught in the sessions

You make a big difference in many people’s lives, I just wanted you to know that we thank you and appreciate you.  Again, I can’t thank you enough.”  Maureen Sasscer

2014 Sponsors include Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Interface Media Group, The Actors’ Center, The Documentary Center at The George Washington University, InkTip, The Writer’s Store, Script Magazine, Robin Smith and GemStar Foundation.