The WIFV Women of Vision Awards celebrate women’s creative and technical achievements in media. WIFV Executive Members nominate women for these awards.  We are delighted and honored to recognize these trail blazers!

WIFV was honored to present the Women of Vision Award to Julie Dash on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. 

Julie Dash is a filmmaker, music video and commercial director, author and website creator. Her film studies began in Harlem in 1969 and include the American Film Institute and UCLA, where she made THE DIARY OF AN AFRICAN NUN (1977), based on a short story by Alice Walker, which won a student award from the Directors Guild of America. Dash’s critically acclaimed short film ILLUSIONS (1982) later won the Jury Prize for Best Film of the Decade awarded by the Black Filmmakers Foundation. Dash’s first feature —  DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (1991) — was the first film by an African American woman to receive a general theatrical release in the US. DAUGHTERS is set in 1902 and centers on the Gullah Geechee folks, descendants of enslaved West Africans who must decide whether to stay on Sea Island, near South Carolina or move to the mainland and possibility lose their customs and special language. In 2004, the Library of Congress named this seminal film to the National Film Registry. Dash was nominated for a Director’s Guild Award for THE ROSA PARKS STORY (2002) starring Angela Bassett.  Her television films include LOVE SONG (2000), INCOGNITO (1999), and FUNNY VALENTINES (1999). When not working on her media projects, Dash is a frequent lecturer at leading universities and currently the Time-Warner Visiting Professor in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Howard University’s Cathy Hughes School of Communications.

Women of Vision Award Recipients

Christine Vachon
Moderator: Giovanna Chesler

Joan Darling
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Moderator: Elizabeth Blair

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Shirin Ghareeb
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Margaret Parsons
Christine Weber
Emcee:  Gwen Tolbart

Maryanne Culpepper
Cecilia Domeyko
Mickey Green
Laura Possessky
Emcee: Cynne Simpson

Patricia Aufderheide
Grace Guggenheim
Connie Day-McClinton
Emcee: Maureen Bunyan

Constance Chatfield-Taylor
Sharon Sloane
Sheila Smith

Patty Duke
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
Susan Lacy
Linda Maslow
Emcee: Maureen Bunyan

Susie Coelho
Patricia Finneran
Barbara Kopple
Deborah Redmond
Andrea Sims
Emcee: Andrea Pennington, MD

Diana Ingraham
Beth Mendelson
Laureen Ong
Nina Gilden Seavey
Daphne Maxwell Reid
Emcee: Eun Yang

Stephanie Antosca
Jennifer Cortner
Carrie Fisher
Carol Flaisher
Brooke Bailey Johnson
Emcee: Lark McCarthy

Lynda Carter
Phylis Geller
Jennifer Lawson
Penny Lee
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
Emcee: Doris McMillon

Ruby Dee
Amy DeLouise
Ricki Green
Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Carole Simpson
Emcee: Pat Lawson Muse

Debra L. Lee
Rosemary Reed
Catherine Wyler
Emcee: Maureen Bunyan

Jean Picker-Firstenberg
Aviva Kempner
Sharon Stone
Aida Takla-O’Reilly
Emcee: Carole Simpson

Tipper Gore
Gwen Ifill
Wendie Malick
Judith McHale
Roseanne Barr
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
Emcee: Renee Poussaint

Sheila Brooks
Tyne Daly
J.C. Hayward
Tippi Hedren
Linda Ross
Emcee: Maureen Bunyan

Sandy Cannon-Brown
Linda Ellerbee
Robin Smith
Susan Smith
Mary Steenburgen
Emcee: Rosemary Reed

Ruth Pollak
Renee Poussaint
Cicely Tyson
Marilyn Weiner
Nancy Woodhull
Emcee: Judy Carter

Maureen Bunyan
Michal Carr
Lee Grant
Sherry Jones
Emcee: Carole Simpson

Kathy Bates
Elizabeth Campbell
Judith Dwan Hallet
Ruth Roland
Lesley Stahl
Emcee: Andrea Roane

Ginny Durrin
Elise Reeder
Nina Rosenblum
Emcee: Susan King