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Angie Gates Recommends

What film do you think everyone should watch?
Being an executive producer and content maker, I think everyone should watch any film they have not seen. Television and Film broadens a person’s creativity. I am also a huge proponent of everyone watching films that highlight DC and that are based in DC.

With that said, the film I would most encourage everyone to watch would be Wonder Woman 1984 which highlighted various landscapes of our nation’s capital and put a lot of DC residents to work. Wonder Woman 1984 is a must see.

What’s your favorite part about living and working in the DC Region?
My favorite part about living and working in the DC area is that I have unique experiences each and every day. I learn something every day from the multi-generational group of individuals that cross my path.

As I walk along the streets of DC, sometimes I hear someone singing or playing music and I think to myself, we have a diverse, vibrant and talented community. Then there is GoGo, the official music of the District. When I hear that unique beat, it underlines the creativity and the artistic culture that is represented in this city.

Who inspires you?
My inspirations are my ancestors and those who came before me, especially my Mom and Grandmother.

Mayor Bowser inspires me with her leadership, empathetic approach and unprecedented work ethic.

The creatives of Washington, DC inspire me each and every day.

What story do you wish someone would tell?
The story I want told is the story of resilience. A tale in which someone loses everything or has a setback and manages to get it all back and comeback stronger than ever before. A humanistic story of success that conquered failure is what draws me in. A story of survival that reminds everyone to never give up.

Where is your favorite place to celebrate success with your crew?
My favorite place to celebrate a success with my crew is behind closed doors, in private where we can come together be ourselves and bask in the glory of our success and how we got there.

To celebrate WIFV’s 40th Anniversary, we reached out to the community to nominate the colleagues they admire. We are honored to have these filmmakers in our community as mediamakers, advocates, and mentors.

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