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DIARY OF A FORGOTTEN GOAT is an NFL Network feature celebrating women in football that explores the legacy, life, and career of one of the sport’s overlooked greats, a pioneer for women in the game, and leader of the “winningest team in pro football history,” the Toledo Troopers, Linda Jefferson.

In the 1970s, Jefferson rushed for more than 1,000 yards in five straight seasons and finished her career with more touchdowns than Jim Brown. The latest episode of the Emmy Award-winning series is produced by an all-female storytelling team including producer/ director by Emmy-Award winner, Kayona Ebony Brown and archival producer Malkia Lydia and tells the story of a sports pioneer through the words of Jefferson’s diary she kept during her playing days.

The full and short versions of the Linda Jefferson story can be found online at The short version airs throughout linear programming while the full 11-minute version lives across NFL streaming platforms.

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