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By Randi Cohen Coblenz, Doc Rdtble Coordinator since 2018

Doc Roundtable educates, informs and provides networking opportunities while addressing topics vital to documentarians.

Our focus this year has been on Preservation. In January we addressed preserving the integrity of the subject matter and explored the role of the producer to secure to tell a compelling story whilst keeping the dignity of the subject and not exploiting vulnerable individuals. In March we covered preservation from an archivists’ viewpoint and why it is important to preserve one’s work and the resources which exist to help in that effort. For May we turn our attention to the Preservation of Cultures. Our panelists will speak about their experiences in cultural filmmaking – whether existing cultures or past ones.

Held the second Monday of the month, the Roundtables begin at 6:30 and run until 8:00; this includes a Q&A from our Zoom audience.

Photo from March Film Preservation Roundtable: L-R Randi Cohen Coblenz, Anthony Labatte (Eastman Museum Film Preservation), Heather Linville (Library of Congress), Sandra Schulberg (IndieCollect), Caroline Yaeger,(Eastman Museum Film Preservation)

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