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Indiewire’s Women And Hollywood Blog Praises WIFV’s Women of Vision Awards

Women and Hollywood’s Guest Blogger Marian Evans, who blogs as Wellywood Woman, highlighted WIFV’s Women of Vision Awards as an example of film awards that are globally thinking and celebrate women’s achievements in a gender-biased industry, and Agnieszka Holland in particular. Read the excerpt of Marian’s blog below, and go to Women and Hollywood to read the full post. WIFV loves to get mentions!

Because of the gender bias in the European Film Award nominations, it’s especially satisfying to see Agnieszka Holland in the list of recipients of Women in Film and Video’s (WIFV) annual Women of Vision Awards, also just announced. WIFV is based in Washington DC, a local rather than a national or international organization, so it’s excellent to see that it’s thinking globally. A Polish director, Agnieszka Holland’s had an extraordinary career. She’s made twenty-eight films, directed television, including episodes of The Wire, The Killing, and Treme. She won the International Critics Prize at Cannes way back in 1978 for Provincial Actors (Aktorzy prowincjonalni) was an Academy Award nominee for her screenplay for Europa Europa, which she also directed. She has twice had a film nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film, most recently this year for In Darkness. In the interview below she comes across as a human being who’s full of heart and complexity and as a filmmaker with a lot of wisdom to share. The other WIFV awards are regional and honor women for a variety of film-related activities: Shirin Ghareebthe director of the Arabian Sights Film Festival and deputy director of Filmfest DC, director Agnieszka Holland, Margaret Parsons, curator at the Department of Film Programs, National Gallery of Art; and Christine Weber, Vice President of Production for Specials at Discovery Channel. They’ll be presented at the end of the month.

— Marian Evans, Guest Blog for Women and Hollywood, November 8, 2012.

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