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Just a Reminder: WIFV’s Social Media Policy

The WIFTI Summit and ScriptDC are fast approaching, and promise to be very busy, exciting events for attendees, speakers, and sponsors. WIFV DC anticipates lots of social media activity, and we are posting our social media guidelines as a reminder.

Women in Film & Video DC
Social Media Policy


It is important to remember that while engaging in social media regarding Women in Film & Video (WIFV), you must keep in mind Women in Film & Video’s core objectives on which we aspire to build both our brand and our culture. For more information about WIFV, visit us at

General Guidelines for Social Media Communications

Member responsibilities:

  1. Know, acknowledge, and follow Women in Film & Video’s Social Media Communications policy and guidelines.
  2. Respect copyright and fair use laws.
  3. Do not provide WIFV’s or individual members’ confidential or proprietary information (including trademarks) or trade secrets.
  4. Never comment on active litigation, legal issues, or pending actions which you have privileged information to as a member of WIFV.
  5. Any inquiries from press or bloggers should be referred to the onsite Media Relations contact for the WIFTI Summit / ScriptDC or the VP Communications.
  6. Any requests from sponsors should be directed to the VP Development or the Executive Director.
  7. Any membership inquiries should be directed to the VP Membership or the Executive Director.
  8. Do not cite or reference customers, partners, or suppliers without their approval. Do not endorse third parties on behalf of WIFV without express approval and/or written consent from the Executive Director and President of the Board.
  9. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. Contribute to WIFV’s goal to educate, mentor and provide positive networking opportunities in film and video.
  10. Respect your audience. Remember that WIFV is part of a global network and is affiliated with Women In Film & Television International (WIFTI), which is a network of more than 40 chapters around the world.

Organization responsibilities:


Social media postings are written by a variety of individuals at different levels and positions in the organization, so you can expect many viewpoints. You can also expect the following:

  1. We will strive to have open and honest dialogues with our readers.
  2. We will correct inaccurate or misleading postings in a timely manner. We will not delete posts unless they violate our policies. Most changes will be made by adding to posts and we will mark any additions clearly.
  3. We will disclose conflicts of interest.
  4. Our core objectives will guide what we write about — so there are some topics we won’t comment on such as information about financials, intellectual property, trade secrets, management changes, lawsuits, shareholder issues, layoffs, and contractual agreements with alliance partners, customers, and sponsors.
  5. We will provide links to relevant material available on other blogs and Web sites. We will disclose any sources fully through credits, links and trackbacks unless the source has requested anonymity.
  6. We understand that respect goes both ways — we will use good judgment in our posts and respond to you in a respectful manner. In return, we ask the same of you.
  7. We trust you will be mindful of the information you share on our blogs — any personally identifiable information you share on a blog can be seen by anyone with access to the blog.
  8. We will respect intellectual property rights.


  1. We will use good judgment in protecting personal and organizational information and in respecting the privacy of individuals who use our blogs. Comments will be reviewed by the Social Media Committee before they are posted on our social media sites and may be removed if inappropriate.
  2. We will review, post and respond to comments in a timely manner. We welcome constructive criticism. We can’t respond to every comment, but will read all of them.
  3. We will not post comments that are spam, inappropriate, defamatory, use profanity, or otherwise violate this policy.
  4. Because our communications focus on material of general interest to all our members, we ask that you direct specific support inquiries through our traditional WIFV support channels or contact the WIFV office at 202-429-WIFV (9438). Using these channels will allow you to get your issues to experienced WIFV representative in a timely manner.

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