Women in Film & Video DCContributors

WIFV is honored to receive contributions from a range of individual, foundation, and business donors.  Their contributions greatly assist Women in Film & Video in providing education, direct grants, and networking opportunities for media professionals as well as support for projects by fiscal sponsored filmmakers, and general operating support. Contributions may be made here.  They are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  This year’s supporters include:

John Aaron

Sandra Abrams

David Alperovitz

The American Online Giving Foundation

Anonymous (10)

Jane Barbara

Dylan Graves Barbeta-Comstock

Sara Barger

Ariel Baska

John Benedetto

Alex Bernet

Blackmagic Design

Scott Blanks

Akima A. Brown

Sharon Burtner

Rebecca C. Bustamante

Philip Capice Memorial Fund

Martin Carnoy

Caitlin Carroll

Brett Chambers

E. Samantha Cheng

Carolyn Clancy & William Kaplan

Erin Cole

Bonnie Collazo

D’Avino Family Charitable Gift Fund

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment

Curtis Dennis

Lori Derauf

Carolyn B. Dodd & Richard S. Dodd II

Jennifer Dutton

Barbara Eastman

Gregory Embree

Fetzer Institute

Peggy & Pat Fleming

For King and Country LLC

Helen French

Friends of Cabin John Creek

Jon Gann

Gem Star Foundation

The Aaron and Cecile Goldman Family Foundation – Michael Goldman, David Margolius, and Kenneth Margolius, Trustees

Mark Gordon

Scott Gordon

Tammy Green

Jacqueline Greff

GSNC Troop 51006

Grace Guggenheim Productions LLC

Judith Dwan Hallet

Kristin Reiber Harris

Ulrich Henes

Emma Mankey Hidem

Scott Hoffman

Melissa Houghton


Human Rights Campaign Foundation

InMaat Foundation

Tara Jabbari

Chiara Jaffe

Anna Reid Jhirad

JKW Foundation on behalf of Katrina vanden Huevel

Richard Johnston

Joyce Jolliff

Joy Jones

Lynn Gerstenfeld Kapiloff Fund

The Karma Foundation

Joan Kleinman

Andy Kuester

Morris and Lillie Leibowitz Charitable Trust

Eve Lilley

Jonathan Logan Family Foundation

Julianne Mangin

Lisa Mao

Sandra Markrich-Brennan

Maryland Film Office

Elizabeth Matusak

Maury Donnelly & Parr, Inc.

Mark Maxey

Monica M. McGinley

Lauren D. Menkes, Esq.

Joan Michelson

Leigh Mosley

Meghan Naik

National Endowment for the Arts

Janet M. & Ronald F. Nimer

Robin Noonan-Price & Stephen Price

Amy Oden

Maureen Orth

Lynn Osgood

Bruce Pascal

Craig Pascal

Nicole Patock

Mary Margaret Pipkin & Bob Boisture

Ruth Pollak

Stephen M. Randels

Malikkah Rollins

Samuel Rubin Foundation

Maureen Ryan

Saadeh, P.C.

May Santiago

Kirk Schroder, Esq.

Lisa Scott

Andy Shallal

Glenn Shane

Martha Shannon

Phil Shapiro

Robert Sherman

Susann Shin

Sanford & Doris Slavin Foundation Fund

Rogan Smith

Sheila Smith

Sheldon Smith

Yhane Smith

Judith Snyderman

The Solomon Family Fund

Silke Sonntag

Aurin Squire

Connie St. John

sheri ratick stroud

E. Stuelke


Trice Talent Services

Kate Tsubata

James Voorhees

Weissberg Foundation

Adrienne Woods

Word Wizards