Women in Film & Video DCContributors

WIFV is honored to receive contributions from a range of individual, foundation, and business donors.  Their contributions greatly assist Women in Film & Video in providing education, direct grants, and networking opportunities for media professionals as well as support for projects by fiscal sponsored filmmakers, and general operating support. Contributions may be made here.  They are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Supporters since January 1, 2024 include:

Eric & Patty Abraham

Sandra Abrams

Hallee Adelman

Lizzie Adelman

Susan Alefantis

Adam Alvarez

The American Online Giving Foundation

Sarah D. Anderson


Sondra N. Arkin

Artemis, Inc.

Sohini Baliga

Sara Barger

Ann Barnet

Beth Barnet

Michael Barnet

Rosemary Bednar

Anya Behn

Medea Benjamin

Phyllis Bennis

Brenda and Lee Michael Berg

Juliette Bethea

Blackmagic Design

Candice Bloch

Louann and Ronnie Bombet

Heather & Paul Booth

Marissa Boynton

Jan Bramlett

Julia Broder

Richard Brooks

Brown Giving Fund

Kayona Ebony Brown

Sharon Burtner

Bryce Butler

Frances & Francis Butler

The Capitol Hill Community Foundation

Karen E. Carolan

Marian Castille

Stephen & Deborah Cavalier

Mary Jane Checchi

E. Samantha Cheng

Astrid Roy Clements

Cheryl Coe

Ruth & Ed Cogen

Jenny Cohen

Thomas Cohen

The Covenant Foundation

Billie Day

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment

Simon de la Rouviere

Frauke and Willem de Looper Foundation

Thomas Devine

Helen Dickerson

Sean Dickey

Carolyn B. Dodd & Richard S. Dodd II

Karen Dolan

Judy Donner

Jan DuPlain

Meera Eaton

Support provided by a grant from the Father John Enzler Fund, a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation

Martha Faibisoff

Elisabeth Fall

Michael Ferber

The Fertel Foundation

Peggy & Pat Fleming

For King and Country LLC

Amy & Cary Fowler

Andrew Friedman

Friends of Alma Thomas

Friends of Cabin John Creek

Janine Frier

Adrienne Fugh-Berman

Jon Gann

Gem Star Foundation

Janice S. Gin

Joshua Glick

James Gordon

Stuart Gosswein

Barbara & Thomas Gottschalk

Ruth B. Gramlich Living Trust

Kiviette Gray

Jacqueline Greff

Catherine & Don Griffin

Lisa Grove

Grace Guggenheim Productions LLC

Zevi Gutfreund

Gwen’s Blends Spice House

Marin Hagen

Judith Dwan Hallet

Bonnie Hammerschlag

Halley Hastings

Hausman Family Fund

Richard B. Heroman

Seymour M. Hersh

Pamela & Richard Hinds Foundation

Lynne & Joseph Horning

Melissa Houghton

Jeffrey Huevel


Diana Ingraham

Insight Memory Care Center

Lynne Iser & Mordechai Liebling

Mark Iwry

Janis Jaquith

Nick & Ariel Jenson

Jewish Foundation of Greater Baton Rouge

The Tom & Edwina Johnson Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kantrow, Sr.

Daniela & Seth Kaplan

Lori Kaplan

Kevin Killeen

Ronald Klain

Barbara Krumsiek

David Kuebrich & Betsy Beyler

April Lee

Andrew Leone

Gus Levy

Jane & Kenneth Lieberthal

Eve Lilley

Denese Lombardi

Rita Katherine Long

Margarita Lopez

Susan and Arnie Lutzker

David Marlin

Maryland Film Office

Kameron Matthews

Monica M. McGinley

Donald Meltzer

Elizabeth Millstein

Jill Minneman & Tom Fulcher

Roxana Moayedi

Hale L. Montgomery

Nan Montgomery

Rex Moser

LaNelle Mozell

Ashley & Joseph Muldoon III

Susana Naim

National Endowment for the Arts

Bonnie Nelson-Schwartz

Robin Noonan-Price & Stephen Price

Dalton Okolo

Maureen Orth

Petero Sabune

Sandra Parker

Cara Pomponio

Adam Proujansky

Matthew Rachleff

A & M Radcliff Charitable Fund

Natalia Ramer & Maria Chaffee

Tony Randall Theatrical Fund

Kelly Randels

Lawrence & Kathryn Rath

Gillian Ray

Mitch Rayner

Deborah Redmond

Mark Ricche

John Richard

Kay Richman and David Kaplan Gift Fund

Tonya Robinson

Marcia Rock

Joel Rodriguez

Deborah Sternberg Roth & Michael Roth

Pat & Dick Roth

Joe M. Rothstein & Sylvia Rothstein

Laura Roulet

Susan Russell in honor of Helene Ageloff & Ilana Trachtman

Victor Sachse

Marc Sager

Sherrie Scott

Dveera Segal

Jane Seigler

Marjan Saghafi & Anas Shallal

Abba Shapiro

Claudia & Peter R. Sherman

Karen Simon

The Sirovich Family

Ellen Skerrett

Support provided by a grant from the Sanford & Doris Slavin Foundation Fund, a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation

Eleanor Smith

Mark Smith

Sheila Smith

Sharon Smith-Jones

Gregory Squires

Deirdre Stanley

Eve Stern

Hans J. Sternberg 2016 Revocable Trust

Stevenson Weitz Trust

Connie St. John

Swartz Foundation


Paul Tagliabue

Timothy & Amy Temple

Anjua Thatte

Sanho Tree

Trice Talent Services

Sandra Tropper

Kelly Trout

Turner Foundation Inc.

Macavoy Tyree

James Voorhees

Melvia Wallace

Kate Waters

Michael Watts

Felix and Lynn Weill

D. D. Wigley

The Wilkes Family Foundation

Catherine Wood

Kristopher Woofter

Helen Yang

Amy Harriette Ziering Trust