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Lips-Dumas Produces and Writes

Covid or not, the show must go on and that is what happened to GAME OF TRUTH, a co-production between Belgium, France and Ireland, shot in the middle of a lockdown in Belfast and edited remotely. The editor was in Brussels and the director in DC, with a schedule that accommodated the time difference. Thanks to technology, it was possible. Eventually the feature documentary about families fighting for the truth surrounding the death of their loved ones, during the 30 years of conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, had its world premiere at the FIPA in Biarritz France last January. At the same, the director, Fabienne Lips-Dumas, was lucky enough to finish her first novel, when the shooting was delayed in April 2020 and to find a publisher in Paris, that same year. Entitled Les virtuoses de Brooklyn, the book features a young pianist training fiercely to win the Liszt Competition with a performance of the challenging and highly celebrated Sonata in B minor. As one can imagine, it won’t be easy.

All of Lips-Dumas’ projects during COVID were produced and published in Europe but are rooted in English language and culture, so with some work, patience and luck, they will be soon accessible in the US.

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