S01E06: “The Business of Independent Filmmaking”

While filmmaking is a creative process, it’s also a business. In order to be successful in your productions, it’s important to manage those business aspects thoughtfully and properly. In this episode, host Candice Bloch talks with CPA and MBA John Aaron about things to consider when it comes to funding and taxes. Following that, she has a conversation with entertainment attorney Paige Gold, who gives advice about insurance, protections, and contracts. Finally, we hear some highlights from a past WIFV seminar on tax and business matters. Without diving too deep into any one subject, the episode’s aim is to provide listeners with an overview of some of the many business aspects of the filmmaking process. You may want to take notes!

To learn more about John Aaron’s services for producers, go to www.medialedger.biz

For more information about Paige Gold, visit www.paigegold.com

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